empanada gallega

In the search for the original empanada, the mom of all empanadas!, I turned to this Galician dish, something I had when i was like 5 and I can still remember the experience, yes, an awesome one i meant. It’s like this baked steak sandwich (or tuna or chicken or just bell peppers, in either case, awesomeness), the real deal uses a french bread dough, more classical bread than what i ended up trying here, and I’ve had this variation in many bakeries around venezuela, in which the brioche dough has earned it’s place and it’s used pretty much every time we want to stuff something in bread, or cover bread with sugar. So this variant is a bit different, but in a good way i hope, at least i find it a perfect combination of brioche bread and pressured cooked flank steak stew:


400g carne asada (I happened to have pre-seasoned steak at hand)
400g red bell pepper
200g yellow onion
200g green pasilla chilli pepper
15g garlic
400g chicken stock
250g water
80g tomato paste
1/4 tbs baking soda

olive oil for roasting and browning as needed.


see Pan de Jamon

I did cut down the butter amount to 2 Tbsp. I figured if I was gonna stuff a pie with a meat stew, it had to be strong enough to hold a wet filling and not too pastry like.

Also, check out these tips on http://www.dianasdesserts.com, super helpful!

Anyways, here are some instructions to make the stuffing:

toss veggies with olive oil to coat, roast veggies in the oven, except for garlic (garlic is more delicate and will burn before veggies roast)

brown meat in pressure cooker pot with some olive oil at medium high, work in a batch at a time, probably 2 batches total.

add tomato paste and let caramelize in the pot on medium heat.

add rest of the ingredients and pressure cook for 15 mins.

at medium low, reduce until most of the liquid is gone. be careful not to burn the bottom, requires continuous stirring.

add salt and pepper to taste.

refrigerate overnight.

To make the dough, again, reference the Pan de Jamon recipe.

Once dough is ready, roll it out into 2 round sheets to a diameter slightly larger than 12″ so you can dress a quiche dish this size.

I could have par baked the bottom sheet to dry it out a bit so the stuffing wouldnt make it too soggy (which isnt a bad thing when stuffing pies with meat.. so i didnt)

Cover the quick dish with the second sheet and seal it along the edges, basically press the edges together and then fold over to create the crusty pie trim, Im sure there is a much better name for this.


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