Simplest Pork Ribs Sous Vide 62C 24h. 12-hour brine. 

This is hands-down my favorite way of cooking pork ribs. I wanted to keep this recipe as simple as possible to highlight both the cooking method and the fact that pork doesn’t need any help to taste amazing. I remember when I first started cooking sous vide. The idea of cooking something for 24 hours seemed a bit extreme and in my head, I was thinking “why not just grill the ribs and be done in a couple of hours”… right? well… you don’t have to agree with this 24-hour approach right away but if you prepare them this way, you’ll understand why sous vide cooking is so incredible for it maximizes tenderness and retains the maximum possible amount of juiciness. The trick is being able to cook the ribs low and slow… to the extreme and when you’re ready to eat, give them a nice golden color by deep frying them very quickly in super hot oil. There’s no turning back. Best yet simplest pork ribs ever. 
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Quail Scotch Eggs

Here’s my take on quail scotch eggs. The recipe is rather simple but it does require some attention to cooking times unless you want to serve quail scotch rubber balls. I know it sounds kinda daunting deep-frying a hard-boiled egg, especially a tiny one like a quail egg but it isn’t that hard, like I said, just keep an eye on them and your timer. A few tries might be needed until you get the hang of it. Have an ice bath ready right next to your pot of boiling water and your deep frying pot at 375F and follow the instructions below. Good luck! 

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open omelette with seafood squid ink rice. Almost a fail but a success story in the end.

Food bloggers never screw up!

I’ve spent years reading food blogs (exciting life I know) and I’ve fallen in love with so many. Perfect recipes and techniques and execution, not to mention picture-perfect dishes.  It is rarely the case a blogger writes about failure but when it does happen it is so refreshing and for some reason. Maybe it is the novelty of it but it makes for some of the most interesting posts in my opinion.  Googling up “perfect short ribs” I don’t expect millions of stories on how to screw up the perfect shot ribs recipe but every now and then, that article pops up with a kitchen disaster story and I love it. This is the story of how a disastrous execution turned into a delicious meal and the lessons learned. 

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smoked spatchcocked gochujang chicken

Another quick and easy spatchcocked chicken recipe on the grill for those of you with gas grills at home that are interested in smoking foods. I did alter a few things from my previous cook and it paid off. First, I  bought a V-shaped smoker box for my Weber grill and I got better performance out of my wood chips. They definitely smoked better. The smoke had that nice light blue hue and the amount was definitely decent. Second, I decided to smoke the chicken at 300F instead of 250F from my previous smoked chicken recipe (basic smoked spatchcocked chicken, see it here!). 

The cold-chicken cold-grill/oven dilemma. 

In both opportunities, I started with a cold grill and a cold chicken from the store. There are pros and cons with this approach from what I’ve noticed over the years.

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stir-fried udon with shitake, anchovies and gochujang

We have a strange heat wave impacting SoCal these last few days. It kinda comes and goes and I cannot wait till it’s finally over so I can officially welcome my favorite cooking season of the year and while I wait, here’s another asian inspired recipe that I wanted to document here and share with you. I love udon noodles and this dish, in particular, is becoming a tradition in the house. I have made it twice this week it is that good. Perfect comfort concoction in a bowl and as you’ve probably already guessed really simple to make. It’s’ noodles come on, let’s go do this! 

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takana fried rice

takana fried rice @

Hey guys, here’s my humble version of takana fried rice. I’ve had this dish a number of times at Musha: A little Japanese restaurant not far from where I live in the Santa Monica area, LA. They serve traditional homemade style food, warm and cold dishes. The ambience is awesome and I really love that place. When I order I tend to gravitate towards the same dishes every time I visit which isn’t hard. The portions are tapas style so it’s pretty easy to sample your way through their entire menu in a few visits and find the dishes you really like. 

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smoked chuck roast on the grill

I’ve spent the whole summer grilling outside. I got this pretty nice Webber Spirit grill about 2 months ago and I haven’t used the stove much. The grill is small, it only has 2 burners but it works really well. Gets super hot and I’ve successfully smoked a ton of different things.  I wish it were a charcoal grill but regulations in LA prohibit its use in apartment complexes.  

 I’ve owned a number of grills in the past but I rarely used them, and rather misused them. Grilling is not an easy technique, especially for a cook that’s used to sous vide cooking. Grilling provides an extremely harsh environment for food. It is extremely inaccurate in terms of heat distribution too. But being able to cook outside without setting off any smoke alarms is awesome. 

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steamed mussels with garlic and parsley

steamed mussels with garlic and parsley @

Hey, guys, I’ve been gone for some time so a few updates: This cooking blog is not going away! (more annoying blog writing coming up! ) in fact, I just purchased a new theme and I’m planning the makeover to happen sometime this summer (northern hemisphere summer time).  I’m also moving to a new apartment with much better kitchen lighting (natural and awesome). I will also have the ability to grill outside which is amazing considering how much I love it and how long I haven’t done it. So, all in all, a pretty outstanding setup for blogging and cooking so I hope I can get things back on track with more food experimentation, sous vide recipes and just cooking fun in general. I have a couple of really cool products to review as well so I will get into that in the next few days. 

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rigatoni with pork sausage and plums

rigatoni with pork sausage and plums @

The Hestan guys just invited their brand ambassadors to a cooking/photo competition to show off their skills and their hestan skillets! and as you already know… that would impossible for me to pass. They facilitated the recipe which is great because I don’t cook by following recipes so this was different and really fun. It’s a recipe by chef Brad Spence whose culinary career is outside the scope of this post but let me tell you we’re talking about one of the best chefs  in the country. He’s critically acclaimed and has a vast knowledge of Italian cooking.  Go check out Amis Trattoria’s or Vetri’s websites when you have a change. Pretty wild huh? 

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