Sauce #01: Beurre Blanc : White Butter Sauce.

The ratios are extremely forgiving, no 2 recipes look the same. This means things can be simplified in terms of quantities and flavored easily adjusted. Beurre Blanc is a combination of an acidic liquid that’s reduced, shallots and butter. Experimentation is key. A little knowledge about how emulsions form and work helps in the making of butter sauces.

Bakers Percentages:

100% butter.
50% (wine+vinegar+lemonJuice) this reduces till “au sec”
20% cream. This could be omitted.
20% shallots.
S+wP (salt and white pepper to taste)


Sautee Pan
Chopping board
Chef Knife
Wooden or silicone spatula
fine strainer, chinoise
1 burner


250g unsalted butter medium dice.
125g white wine
1 lemon juice
1 large shallot minced.
2 T heavy cream or half and half.
1 or 2 t of water to stabilize emulsion.
S+wP to taste.


Pan on high heat.
Add liquids to pan.
Add Shallot to pan.
Let reduce “au sec”
Add cream or half/half.
Reduce “a la nappe
Remove pan from heat.
reduce heat to low.
Let pan cool off a bit. 2 mins.
Add a couple of butter dices to pan.
Let melt while whisking constantly.
Return pan to heat.
Add more cubes. Keep whisking.
Keep pan hot enough to melt butter.
Keep bringing the pan on and off the burner.
To control its temperature.
Keep adding the butter dices.
Keep whisking.
Adding a splash of water will help emulsify the sauce.
Whisk and strain.
Add salt and white pepper.

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