kaua’i 2013

Finally I’m taking a little break from work which has been crazy, (by mistake I published this post password protected the first time, I’ve republished correctly this time, apologies to those who are email subscribers, yep, all 3 of you!) anyways… yes, work has been crazy so I’m taking a break from that and taking a break from cooking, ok, not that I needed a cooking break, but this is a very anticipated time off and there are many things I want to do, cooking will have to wait. Eating won’t and hasn’t.

I’m here in the island of Kauai, yeah, I’m pretty lucky. This is a beautiful place, extremely relaxing and full of nature and really welcoming people. In the 3 days I’ve spent here, I’ve seen some of the most most beautiful sunsets by the southern tip of the island, elegant manta rays swimming right on the surface of the water, the magical Na Pali coast, humpback whales breaching only a few yards away from me, I even lost my wallet, and got it back courtesy of some good samaritan that picked it up and dropped it at the fire station, a police officer delivered it to my hotel later that day, the dispatch lady even called my cell and apologized, because it was taking them a little longer than they had expected to get it back to me, they were dealing with an emergency, yes, priorities!

So yes, cooking, the closest thing to cooking I’ve done lately is wrapping canned sardines in white bread for a lunch snack and cutting up some cheese with my camping knife to go with some crackers for dinner, do not worry, I’ve had more than that in the last few days. The weather is really amazing, I thought it would be rainy, but it has been sunny the whole time.

I’ll keep adding photos to this post whenever I get a chance, internet isn’t all that accessible but that’s actually not a bad thing 🙂





























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  1. Lucky you! We were in Kauai two years ago and loved it. Unfortunately it was cloudy and raining when we were at Na Pali, so we could only imagine how much more magical it would be in the sun.
    We were able to find one decent restaurant on Kauai: the East Side in Kapaa. The live music is nice if you’re into that, but the real draw is the original and tasty food.

    1. Hey Stefan, it’s been a while! yes, this place is really amazing. I will go check out that restaurant! I’ve been away from my blog for a few weeks, but will come back soon. Really glad to hear from you!

          1. I remember the roads being crappy too. Not many cars on Kauai, but even fewer roads and thus traffic jams all the same.

            I don’t mind being thanked twice 😉

  2. Good to hear from you, Paul. How nice that your wallet was found and returned to you. Sounds like the work of angels. You must be in heaven. 🙂
    I hope you get a bit more time to enjoy your stay there.

    1. it is heaven over here 🙂 Im about to go get some “trashcan” chicken, they cook them in this barrels bbq style…. i hear good things 🙂 hahaha

      John, I just added more photos fyi. thank you for checking in!!!

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