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About 3 years ago I decided to learn how to cook. I never thought my interest would last this long but it has, and it never crossed my mind then that I would  end up documenting it on a blog. That other cooking blog started about 2 years ago but I only started posting frequently and regularly  in the last 12 months. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I had no idea I would meet so many incredible people that are so passionate about food and writing and photography, it’s been humbling and one of the most fun learning experiences of my life. I was never much of a blog reader but that has changed thanks to this wonderful community of people who take the time to write and tell us a little bit about themselves, what they do, how they do it and why. Anyways, just wanted to send a thank you to all my friends and readers for sticking around this long and being supportive.  I will continue to document my cooking adventures here. Hopefully you’ll stay tuned!


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    1. thanks Stefan! we’ve been interacting and talking about food for some time now, and I’ve learned a huge deal form you. You are a perfectionist and I very often check your recipes before embarking on a new cooking adventure 🙂

  1. You are a master on food blogging … your passion is so fantastic, what a lost it had been if you didn’t shared your cooking with the world. Looking forward to everything you put in front of me here. Congratulations to a very wise decision *smile

    1. thanks viveka, that’s really really nice of you to say 😀 more posts coming up! And yes, it was a great decision deciding on learning how to cook, it’s a never ending process really, which is what keeps it fresh and fascinating!

    1. oh, the pressure’s on! 🙂 thank you John! and thanks for staying in touch and sharing your well of knowledge with me and everyone else. You are so humble and passionate. I really enjoy your work.

    1. like I said, thanks to you and stefan and all the passionate people I’ve met along the way while taking up on cooking it has been a smoother ride, interacting with people helps incredibly in learning, now I hope I can keep the posts coming in! thank you for being there!

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