Pan Roasted Duck Breast. Pomegranate and Sherry Wine Vinaigrette.



So this ebook thing. I’m getting pretty excited about writing one.  I’m still looking for a good software use. InDesign by Adobe seems like good option. I have no clue how to use it but I just downloaded the 30 day free trial version. I’ll play with it when I get a chance. I want to structure this book in the simplest way possible and add tons of pics1 and diagrams. It’s gonna be a fun little project about food photography and food styling. I hope it goes well. Just gotta find the time.



Tonight I ducked out of work early. See what I did there?, funny stuff. I haven’t cooked duck breast in a while. I have maybe one recipe on the blog that features duck. Check out Pan Seared Duck Breast : Fermented Lettuce and Parsley “Kimchi” Pea Shoots. The basics are the same. If you aren’t using sous vide equipment, the traditional approach still pretty good as long as you pay close attention to the temperature but when should you not.   All you need is a pan and a stove.

Duck doesn’t need any help flavour-wise. Salt is all I ever use to season it. Duck breast’s flavour is robust and complex and I love it. It pairs well with a number of things. Citric fruits, wine reductions, and any nice acidic concoctions like vinaigrettes which is what I’m doing here tonight. A simple vinaigrette to bring out the flavour sometimes slightly dulled by the fatty fat. The contrast is amazing.



Ingredients (Servings: 2 Time: ~20mins):

2 duck breasts.
2 tsp kosher salt

Vinaigrette (Approximately):

1/2 cup of pomegranate seeds.
1/2 cup of sherry wine
1/4 cup EVO
1/4 cup chopped chives
1 large shallot minced
Salt and Pepper to taste.

Other garnishes:

Baby arugula leaves.
Radishes. Thinly sliced.

Roasted Donald duck. Score the skin with a really sharp knife (no knife should ever be dull) Criss cross. Make sure you don’t slice into the meat. Just the skin. Salt the duck breast generously on both sides and allow to rest while you prep the rest of the stuff. About 10 mins.   When you come back, get a heavy pan on the stove over low heat (maybe medium low, not all stoves are the same) and place the duck breast skin side down. The fat will start to render right away and the magic of crispy golden duck skin is only a few minutes away. Takes about 10 mins. Don’t move the meat, let it cook slowly. The fat will render almost entirely and the skin will crisp up. After 10 mins you should take a look. Make sure it’s all looking good. If the skin looks beautiful. Flip over and check the temperature. Or if you are mega old school, poke it with your finger. Should feel springy but not rubbery…. I choose the thermometer. When the meats reaches about 55C at the core, remove it from the pan. The carryover heat will take it to about 60C which is a pretty good target. Anywhere between 57C and 60C is perfection. Allow the duck to rest for a few minutes and get ready to plate.


The sexy vinaigrette. While the duck breast cooks. Mix all the ingredients in a jar and shake a couple of times to integrate but don’t over do it.. or overdo it if you don’t care about the look. I do, so I don’t want the vinaigrette too emulsified. Looks muddy and opaque. I like it when it’s still a bit separated and has visual complexity. I have to be honest. I never measured anything for this vinaigrette and I hope the quantities are in the ballpark. But shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust and correct.

Sexy Duck.  Sharp knife again. Place the duck breast skin side down on a cutting board. And slice it in 1/4 inch pieces. You will have to lean into the knife as you cut the skin, it is a bit tougher to cut. That’s why I recommend you sit the breast skin side down. You don’t wanna mangle the thing hacking through the skin while the meat wiggles all over under the knife. I’ve seen it. Disastrous. Anyways, get your favourite tea spoon and drizzle some of the vinaigrette over 2 plates. Garnish your plates with radishes and baby arugula leaves.



You’re done. I’m done. Sexy dinner done. Next.






good night.




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