My Definition of a Perfect Egg?

My Definition of a Perfect Egg?

5 hours is a long time. But if you aren’t dying for an egg right away this might be of your interest. 5 hours at 60C. The yolk is very creamy. The white is very soft but set.  I’m sure a degree or two above 60C and less time would render amazing results as well…. but this right here so far is my personal favourite. End of post. Happy Thursday. My shortest post ever.

Wait… still here. I’m basically fighting this wordpress template hoping it can let me use only 1 photo without screwing the formatting…. Blogging’ life can be tough…

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  1. Hmmm that’s interesting. I didn’t know the white could set at 60C by cooking for a long time. I’ve done most eggsperiments when I just had my sous-vide, not documented because I hadn’t started the blog yet.

      1. I like soft, but I remember that any temperature below 64C or so would lead to egg whites that were at least partly runny, even if cooked overnight. Perhaps my memory is getting faulty.

        1. no, It all depends, the white is pretty soft yet set to some degree. It’s a matter of taste I guess. I don’t think my girlfriend would ever eat them this way 🙂

    1. Hi Stefan, I hope you’re doing fine. I’m testing the different aspects of my blog now. Same domain name. Let me know if you can see this comment on your end and have a look at the new site and let me know your thoughts please. Moving to bluehost has been really difficult. I even lost the entire blog at some point 🙂 But I’ve learned a lot. Anyways, take care!

  2. I never thought about sving and egg until I say it in your Instagram. Very impressive. But yes, not for when you need to make, like, a quick scrambled egg because you’re in a hurry….

    1. Yeah, I’m usually in a hurry when craving eggs… but I cook SV frequently enough that I can drop an egg in the water bath when I’m cooking other stuff and forget about it for hours if not days and come back to it. It’s always a nice surprise 🙂

        1. hahah nice one! hey, cooking sous vide it’s not difficult, you know that. I have learned a lot about cooking this way. It’s weird it’s still not that popular for home cooks. It’s the safest way to cook and the results are incredible. Requires some planning and some patience, that’s for sure.

          1. I started without any, just a thermometer and pot filled with water. Then built my first immersion circulator at home and then that one died and I bought a second hand one… then that one got old and I decided to get a new one recently. I love my new one. I’ve been cooking this way for a few years now. I love it.

  3. Jean-Marie Josselin (chef in Kauai) has 61 degree eggs on his menu. I didn’t ask about the minutes, because I really thought the waiter was from another planet. Probably has been hit on the head by his surfboard too many times…

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