Eggs: The Vinegar Trick

steak and eggs

Ok, this is more of a question than an informative post. I can’t remember where but recently I came across a simple cooking tip that somehow I had missed all these years. No, it’s not the one about vinegar and poaching eggs… although that one is cool too… this one could have come in handy a […]

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Easy Chicken Ramen Soup

This is really not a post. I mean, it is technically one but my intention isn’t to give you guys a recipe for an easy chicken ramen noodle soup… but I do go over it so keep reading, I actually included the information. I mainly wanted to show some vital signs. I’ve been away for a […]

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Tortilla Española.

Tortilla Española @ by Paul Palop

So you think you can cook? I don’t mean to deter you from that cooking obsession thing we’re all too familiar with (quite the opposite) but omelette-making is a true test for any cook. Tortilla española is not exactly an omelet but similar enough and the skill set is the same basically. I’ll admit I have messed up […]

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Seven minute egg. Spicy Mayo.

Seven minute egg. Spicy Mayo

Ah, the lovely egg. Wait… the lovely 7 minute egg. Yes… Borderline soft-boiled. Borderline perfection. Soft-boiled egg is perfection. But not because of its imperfect status it means it isn’t perfect for perfection in cooking is borderline subjective too.  7 minutes in boiling water is probably as far as I would ever go about cooking a room […]

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pisto and egg

pisto and egg @

Pisto for those who don’t know what it is… it’s not a weapon, let’s start there. It’s not pesto either (although the french make pistou  which is basically pesto). Ok, pisto is more closely related to ratatouille. It’s pretty much the same ingredients and preparation process and just like anything else, there are ton of […]

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