sous vide sirloin steak and “soft boiled” sous vide yolks

sous vide sirloin steak and "soft boiled" sous vide yolks

This is a quick one. Two main ingredients. Eggs and Steak. There were other components on the plate but I chose to leave those out and focus on what I thought mattered… my devoted consistent passion for steak and eggs. Specially eggs. 

This blog is no stranger to steak and eggs in fact, one of my most popular instagram posts was a photo a took for my article on  steak and eggs. This time I come back with a little twist. Sous vide’ed yolks… if you’re into sous vide cooking you’ve probably already spend some time experimenting with cooking eggs. It’s a great exercise to get familiar with the technique. Yolks set at about 70C and whites set at about 80C. This 10 degree difference is what makes cooking eggs a challenge, specially if cooked sous vide. Specially when we introduce long cooking periods….but I digress… It’s a complex subject and right now I don’t have the time or the patience to get into it. Next post! 

So the steak was simply cooked sous vide at about 54C for some 3 hours. It was seasoned with salt and minced garlic before going in the bag. It rested overnight in the fridge… inside the baggie. The seasoning had enough time to diffuse through the whole volume of the meat. Amazing.  The next day when I was ready for lunch, I warmed it up in the water in which I would be cooking the eggs. I had to also time the deep fryer (pot full of oil which takes about 8-10 minutes to reach the right temperature) but everything went well, and all the components of the dish were plated at a nice temperature. Once the steak was warm, I let it rest while the eggs went into the water bath. 

The eggs… 15 minutes at 75C … not my go to settings for eggs but I was in a rush and I had to get lunch done in a little over half hour. Got the water heated quickly aided by the addition of hot water from the stove. Got the eggs in… and patiently waited for about 12 minutes. Got the steak in the deep fryer which was about 365F (sorry to keep switching between F and C but my memory works in mysterious ways…. there are conversion apps for that kind of stuff btw) The deep frying session takes about 1 and a half minutes. Then about the same time resting the steak so the meat is served at the right temperature. The eggs.. yes, the eggs were a partial success. I loved the yolks. Spreadable, creamy, delicious and amazing. The whites were… meh. They had set but in a strange and weird sous vide kinda way. They were extremely fluid which is something I would never serve to anyone but lunch time was my own..  bring it I said. 

And that was it. Sous vide steak and eggs in a little over 30 minutes. Done. 

 sous vide sirloin steak and

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    1. hi Frances! thank you! I have the anova. I love it. It’s reliable, super easy to use. they all kinda are. Let me know if you have any questions. I love talking about sous vide cooking hahaha 🙂

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