Seven minute egg. Spicy Mayo.

Seven minute egg. Spicy Mayo

Ah, the lovely egg. Wait… the lovely 7 minute egg. Yes… Borderline soft-boiled. Borderline perfection. Soft-boiled egg is perfection. But not because of its imperfect status it means it isn’t perfect for perfection in cooking is borderline subjective too. 


7 minutes in boiling water is probably as far as I would ever go about cooking a room temperature egg. After that, the sexiness levels start to drop rapidly. Chucked in ice water, the shells should come off rather easily. Served immediately, the egg should retain its elasticity and be extremely soft to bite into. 

A sprinkle of salt and pepper seal the deal. The rest is basically showing off. A simple mayo spread lined with a fiery hot sauce is a reminder that even imperfect things can be made perfect by association. 



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  1. Beautiful! You might like an onsen egg. Sous vide one xlarge room temp egg at 168F for 12 minutes. Poached in it’s shell.

    1. Hey Jeremy, I tried this settings and the yolks were amazing but the whites were perfectly white but extremely fluid… not sure this is what I should expect but I would rather the whites more set. It’s hard pulling this off cooking eggs sousvide, I know… maybe I didn’t use fresh eggs?

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