Cave Tools Chicken Wing & Leg Rack Review

Finally done with a crazy project at work which kept me away for almost a month. The guys @ cave tools were kind enough to let me review one of their many cool grilling gadgets. If you’re looking for that next summer BBQ toy, they have plenty of options to satisfy your curiosity so pay them a visit. Alright guys, it’s review time! 

That annoying disclaimer…

Before I proceed let me state the usual disclaimer. I’m not getting paid to review this product (or any products on my website) but I did promise the cave tool guys I happily would. There’s always a bit of hesitation taking up on the offer of writing a review in exchange for the product being reviewed because you don’t want to write a bad review. Lucky for me this is simply not the case. This tool was super fun to use and I would highly recommended. 

cave tools chicken wing & leg rack review @


The rack.

I’ve been fine tuning a new chicken recipe for a couple of weeks and it coincided with the arrival of my cave tools chicken wing & leg rack… yeah, how perfect was that! I had planned on frying these chicken legs but oven roasting sounded even better after I got this rack. The idea is simple but effective. Suspending the legs above the bottom of a pan allows for even cooking/browning. What’s cooler is the fact that all you gotta do is wedge the drumsticks onto the rack as shown in the picture. No extra pins or skewers are needed. 

More perks! 

Wedging 12 drumsticks takes no time and although this contraption is probably better use in a BBQ grill, it worked great in my convection oven. The dripping catch pan not only is pretty sexy but performs its job well. I really liked the fact that all the goodness caught by the pan can be deglazed and used for a quick pan sauce or a gravy. I don’t like wasting anything. 

Fear is not an option. 

The cleaning…. the part everybody fears when it comes to grilling gear. Well.. because this thing is made of stainless steel, the cleaning aspect is pretty simple and easy. I soaked the rack overnight in soapy water, including the drip pan and the next day all you need to do is wipe it with a paper towels and you’re done. 

The Outcome. 

Two thumbs up for this chicken rack! I hope you’re all doing great and for those of you on the northern hemisphere, enjoy that summer time!  I’ll be writing about these chicken drumsticks and the secret behind a really awesome marinade that might surprise you! 

Looking to purchase?? get a 15% off! 

Ok, I do feel like a bit of a sales person right now but I did want to extend this really cool limited time offer from the guys at cave tools. To get your new chicken leg rack from amazon clicking here! To get that 15% off here is your coupon: WING15 and happy grilling! 


cave tools chicken wing & leg rack review @



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  1. Jesus, that top photo is incredible! Not like the flying octopus but wow! This is a fun tool. I wish my husband ate chicken legs – he and his 4 % body fat only like chicken breasts. Can this be used in the oven as well as in a BBQ grill like the egg with a lid?

    1. haha thanks Mimi! I can’t believe your husband only eats the white meat?? Well! more for you right? 🙂 What’s the egg with a lid? In my post I used the tool inside my oven. Works perfectly well but not sure what you mean 🙂

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