Cavetools Grill Tongs!

Grilling much this summer? Hope so! And I also hope you have a great pair of tongs to help you with that. I had the pleasure to test and review these awesome tongs by the guys at cavetools.  I have a collection of tongs at home I will admit. They’re one of my main all-purpose kitchen tools actually. I use them very frequently, from flipping steaks to tossing salads or the not so frequent need-something-to-help-me-reach-something-in-the-back-of-that-really-deep-cabinet. So yeah, if you’re looking for a pair of heavy duty tongs that get the job done, these might be for you.  

All kitchen tongs aren’t made equal. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty picky about the design behind any kitchen tool. Over the years I’ve opted for simplicity over looks and stuff. Long gone are the days of using “nice” looking tools. If you check out a professional kitchen and you see a line up of plain, boring, simple looking kitchen tools, well… that’s what I use. These tongs are simple looking yet stylish. A lot of personality for a heavy duty grilling tool like this one. Awesome. 

Let me list some of the main aspects I look for in a pair of kitchen tongs and how the cavetools tongs compare. 

All metal. 

Yep, you’ve seen em. Those tongs with plastic handles. Pretty… maybe but that’s just a bad idea. Plastic shouldn’t be anywhere near a stove/grill. Silicon handles and even silicon coated tongs might be ok… but I still think this is a bad idea, especially when grilling or searing stuff at very high temperatures where you want metal holding your priced ingredients and not some slippery silicon thing.  Cavetool tongs are entirely made out of stainless steel which is the standard used by any professional cook out there. You don’t want your kitchen tools melting in the middle of a critical cooking session or chicken legs slipping into deep frying oil by accident.  It’s all too terrifying, seriously. 

No locking mechanisms. 

Yep, you’ve seen em. I still don’t know why anyone would want a locking mechanism in their tongs. What purpose does it even serve? Save some space? I can’t think of a single good reason to have that feature included in a simple pair of tongs. As a matter of fact, I think locking mechanisms in tongs are just a bad and dangerous idea. I used to own a pair and I ended up getting rid of them. They have a tendency to lock up in the middle of important stuff (usually involving really hot oil), and especially if your other hand is busy with critical cooking stuff, like stirring a pot right before the bottom burns.  You won’t have to worry about this with cavetools tongs. These tongs come with a locking bracket that you can use for storage. Up to you. 

The hotter the longer, the longer the better…well, up to a point of course. 

If you’re like me… you appreciate the importance of really high heat. Most times borderline dangerously hot. That’s the price of searing food really well. You need a really hot… thing.. to come into contact with your food. Deep frying, baking, grilling are really good examples of this. With short tongs you have a good handle over food… but your hands can get exposed to that grill heat. A few seconds might not matter much, but if you’re cooking tons of food or you’re required to stand by the searing heat of a summer grill, you could appreciate longer tongs. Yep, you guessed it… the cavetools guys thought about it. These tongs are long, and just the right amount too. They’re also comfortable to handle. Seriously, best grip ever. 


Definitely a keeper. My new pair of cavetools tongs proudly hang by my grill’s side now and I look forward to using them pretty regularly. Anyways, I think that’s all for now guys. Take care and I will be back soon with some cooking content pretty soon. 

If you’re interested in getting yourself a pair, check out this amazon link or go directly to the cavetools online store. They’re currently offering a 15% off if you use the following purchasing coupon: TONGS15

Happy grilling!!!!

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