Review: CaveTools Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves

Hey guys, time for another quick review. The CaveTools guys sent me a pair of these really cool heat-resistant cooking gloves for testing. I have to admit I don’t own a grill right now and to be fair these gloves are better suited for the BBQ fans but they do have a place in the home kitchen if you do a ton of baking and/or oven roasting like I do. 

Do they work?

I’ve used them a few times to handle hot heavy cast iron pans and dutch ovens at 500F without any issues. The silicon coated aramid fiber padding works as it should and I really like the extended forearm protective sleeves, which are perfect for handling stuff deep inside the oven or grill. The nonslip silicon coating is nice and sticky which provides extra grip for handling pots and pans. 

Are they comfy?

The fit is nice and comfy. One size fits all type of deal. The gloves don’t restrict your fingers motion too much either which is nice and they don’t feel too heavy. Did I mention how awesome these look?  I’m definitely incorporating these in my Deadpool costume this Halloween. 

Where to buy? 

These are super affordable and you can buy directly from their cavetools website or simply go to Amazon. You can use this coupon code to get a nice 15% off: GrillGlove15

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