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Yep, review time. This time I got the opportunity to test this cool smoker box from the cavetools guys.  I didn’t have time to do a recipe as part of the review so this is going to be about my experience with using the product but before we begin I need to clarify that I don’t own a charcoal grill so any of my testings took place either on my gas grill or over my portable induction stove… yes… it’s actually pretty convenient and I can use it on my balcony with an extension cord on sunny days. A portable gas burner should work perfectly well as well but I love the safety of using the induction stove. Anyways back to cavetool’s smoker box!


Perfect for quick smoking jobs. Flash smoking, quick cold smoking. Burgers, fish, chicken even whole. Anything under a couple of hours really. The smoker box can be re-filled during the cook but you know, I’d rather not have to worry about that.

Stainless steel. Awesome. I mean, the box is beautiful and if you like to keep it looking shiny and new you can always use any stainless steel cleaning product. I actually had to do that a couple of times to be able to take some of the pics.

Small and compact. One of my favorite attributes really. I own a number of other smoker boxes, bigger ones but really like the portability of the cavetools.

Beautiful polished finish. Seriously, I wanna store important documents in it.


If you need to smoke for long periods of time like tough that require several hours of continues low heat then perhaps it’s better to look for other options because you will need to add woodchips many times during the course of the cook. It’s doable but you would probably want something a little more hands-free.

Fixing that single con.

You could get a couple of the smoker boxes and keep swapping them out which is actually not a bad idea. The cost of one of this smoker boxes is very affordable so I might actually try this myself. I don’t like the idea of having to refill smoker boxes during long cooks. It’s just a hassle and causes the temperature inside the grill to fluctuate too much. If anybody has other suggestions, let me know!

Where does the induction stove come into play?

Ok, this is a bit overkill but if you have a portable induction stove, you can place the smoker box right on it, fill it up with wood chips, place a steaming basket upside-down over the smoker box and place your food on top of that. Cover the whole contraption somehow. I use one of my sous vide plastic tubs which perfectly sits on top of everything and get your stove going for a few seconds on medium until you start to see smoke. You can turn it off at this point really. Takes about 10 mins for the smoke to finally dissipate and done.  I like smoking dry-cured meats this way. Pretty straightforward.

If you’re interested, they have a great deal going. If you use this coupon code: SMOKERBOX15 you’ll be getting a 15% off. Here’s the amazon link!


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