home-made dry-cured pork loin

the easiest way to dry-cure a pork loin at home @ thatothercookingblog.com

Chances are you don’t have a cellar/basement or a curing chamber but please don’t get discouraged and read on. I dry-cure pretty much everything in my closet. Dry-curing isn’t but the simple process of removing moisture from meat by letting it hang in the open for an extended period of time until it reaches a certain weight while avoiding spoilage (in most cases the meat has been heavily salted which speeds up dehydration and inhibits pathogen activity). Once it hits that target weight it is considered dried-cured. The reduced water content and the high salinity will keep the meat preserved (pretty much forever). The ideal temperatures and humidity range to achieve this can be found pretty much in every recipe out there but not everybody lives in the ideal weather or have the equipment to reproduce it. I’m sure you have a fridge at home though. Not that this is essential but it makes the process even easier. Do you have a vacuum sealer?  Now that’s just cheating. guys! 

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