basic French bread


3 cups of bread flour (not all purpose flour)
1.5 teaspoon instant yeast
1.5 teaspoon kosher salt
1.5 cups warm water

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makes one big happy loaf

mix ingredients well with a mixer or with a spatula or fork. try to get air into the mix but yeast will take care of getting you the so needed bubbles of carbon dioxide CO2 🙂 stretch and fold 800 times, as suggested by Julia child. gluten should be stretchy.

let stand 90 mins (first rise). flatten, take air out, knead but not too much the second time, add flour if needed. do the elasticity test, make sure the gluten is worked till the dough is stretchy. shape in the form of baguettes. let rest for another 30 mins. second rise.

get a pizza stone if you can, the finish of the bread is really nice.

heat up your oven prior to any cooking too 425ish f. and let the stone at least rest at max temp for 20 mins.

place dough on the stone which you can dust with some flour (be careful, stone is super hot) you could throw a cup of water in the oven to rise the humidity so the crust doesn’t form too early, you can do this a couple of times, experience is everything here.

return stone in the oven, 30 mins and check. check interior temperature, around 212 is all you need. let bread rest outside oven for 20 mins before slicing. allows starches to set.



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