leg o’ lamb!

Extremely easy recipe,  oh yeah, the photo… these couple of young sheep smiling on top of a New Zealand hill in the south Island, that’s the only photo I was able to find in my pbase site… hint… hint… have a look 🙂 Ok, back to this dish of which no photo exists, because it was 2am when I was done roasting, and after letting it rest and having portioned it and stored it, and realizing I hadn’t taken out my SLR that evening, getting the tripod out, setting up…. YAWN. Iphone…. click… fail. I was half asleep and the iphone snapshot just didnt do it justice, so…delete… insert a less crappy photo of related topic, done. BTW, my LOL came from New Zealand anyways, so this pic made perfect sense, Lamb in the US mostly comes from there or Australia, maybe one of the guys in the pic is like the grandpa of what I just ate. It was delicious  in the extreme!


4 1/2″ utility knife or anything similar.
Roasting rack.
Roasting pan to catch drippings.
Cutting board.
Preheated oven to 400f


Leg of Lamb (frenched, ask the butcher or DIY)
~10 garlic cloves
Kosher Salt (didnt measure, just keep enough handy)
1 tbsp dry thyme


Prep the leg. French it, or not.
Peel garlic cloves, mash them a bit with the hill of the hand or the knife.
Pierce the meat with the knife, about inch and a half or 2 deep.
Insert a garlic clove per cut, use tip of index finger to drive garlic in.
Add salt in the cut, use tip of index finger to drive salt in.
Add thyme in the cut, use tip of index finger to drive thyme in.
Rub the outside of the leg with salt and thyme.
Place meat over roasting rack, place rack over roasting pan.
400f to brown outside 30 mins
240f to cook inside 3 hours, check internal temperature.
140f is rare at the core, with medium rare to medium throughout. Which is great.
Let meat rest for about an hour before slicing.
Reserve shank bone, I’m sure there will be a good opportunity in the stock making department soon.


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