Roasted Chicken Over Onions Lemons And Potatoes : Cold Oven Technique

Roasted Chicken

Nothing more soothing and relaxing than roasting a chicken, right? throw the thing in the oven, when house smells of goodness, 45 minutes later, remove and a marvelous deep golden browned chicken graces the dinner table with its presence. But it isn’t that simple, is it? Chickens and ovens are in my opinion a terrible […]

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A Simple Pumpkin Soup

A Simple Pumpkin Soup @

Yet Another pumpkin soup recipe. I know. The least original thing I could have come up with but it’s fitting right around this time of the year and I like it, so I made it and wanted to share it with you as well, in case you haven’t tried making it. It is really easy […]

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leg o’ lamb!

Extremely easy recipe,  oh yeah, the photo… these couple of young sheep smiling on top of a New Zealand hill in the south Island, that’s the only photo I was able to find in my pbase site… hint… hint… have a look 🙂 Ok, back to this dish of which no photo exists, because it […]

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Thanksgiving 2012

Brined a la Thomas Keller sous vide turkey breast in mushroom butter sauce with pommes duchesse. I’m sure there were some veggies somewhere in there as well haha! This recipe is a bit more technical and time consuming but the results are worth the effort. Preparation is key… “meez” it up! Two Step Turkey (Recipe […]

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