The International Summer Night Market in Richmond

The International Summer Night Market in Richmond.

It’s been a few months since my last post. It has been a very hot summer here in Vancouver and perhaps that had to do with my not keeping up with cooking or mainly the blogging aspect of that. The cooking hasn’t stopped  and neither has taking photos or learning new things in the kitchen though, but finding the energy to gather photos and notes.. and do the write ups… and post has been a little difficult (not to mention that I’ve been absolutely obsessed with chess lately). I’m working on a few new recipes, which I will be posting soon. Last sunday, I visited a very interesting place. The International Summer Night Market in Richmond.


There were about 200  food stands (maybe I’m exaggerating but it felt like there were millions of them) and anything imaginably edible being cooked. The food was phenomenal and the place was packed.  I particularly enjoyed the amount of seafood and fish being prepared. The most popular stand in the whole place though was the “rotato” stand. I wish I had taken a photo of it, but it was impossible to get near this thing without getting hurt by the hungry hordes. And if you haven’t seen a rotato (which I hadn’t until then)  It’s basically… potato chips.I love it. Here are some of the photos I managed to take without dropping my phone in a vat of frying oil. It almost happened a couple times actually.  Here’s a link in case anyone is interested in learning more about this market:


























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  1. Looking at the photos before reading, I was wondering if your were in China, Japan or somewhere in the middle east. We don’t have any of these kiosks in S.F. China Town or Japan Town. You are a lucky!

  2. Like Fae I was surprised at the predominance of Asian cuisine at the Night Market . . at the same time thrilled!! I can assure you that in all the Australian capitals the picture is very much the same!! Wonderful!! Now, I am a N European born Aussie, yet, quite naturally, cook Australia- Asian fusion at least 70% of the time!! Love your post and am waiting for the next ones! Great you had an interesting summer tho’, methinks, what you and I regard as ‘hot’ would vary somewhat 🙂 ! [Well, nought is ‘hot’ under 40 C, now is it 🙂 ?!!]

    1. hahah, thanks Eha! I have definitely incorporated many asian ingredients and techniques in how I cook since I lived in LA so many years, and now up here in Vancouver, the influence is even stronger. So much good asian food here, I love it. In regards to the heat… we probably never had a 40C day here, but on the mid 30s on a off for quite some time. It was so difficult to be in the house. I don’t have AC. Wished I had known this weather was gonna be like this I would have gotten a portable one before they were sold out 🙂

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