Granville Island

Granville island


If you travel to Vancouver, you will very likely visit this cool location home to the Granville Island Public Market. Sitting right below the Granville bridge. There’s plenty to see and do there and you could easily spend the afternoon walking, shopping and eating there. It’s extremely busy during weekends, and in the warmer months of the year it’s crazy packed. There are at least 2 big butcher shops, 2 big fish markets and beautiful produce everywhere. Dussa’s ham and cheese Ltd is one of my favorite shops there. Their selection of cured meats and aged cheeses is great.


Granville Island

I felt like I was photographing a UFO when I saw this “pata negra”.  I remember one time visiting Spain and buying a couple of pounds of Iberico ham then traveling back to LAX and watching the customs officers dump it all in a trashcan because of the whole… you’re allowed to bring any meats into the country.  Why did I ever told them. This episode still haunts me to this day. 


Granville Island


Another place I really love is The Lobster Man shop. Looking for fresh live lobsters,  beautiful oysters of pretty much any kind available in this region or the best smoked fish in town, check out The Lobster Man. They will probably have what you’re looking for. Anyways. I spent my morning there yesterday and here are some of pics I wanted to share. Cheers.


Granville Island 


Some fresh fish caught in these waters. The cold northern pacific waters are home to beautiful species like salmon, trout and one of my favourite: sablefish. Fishing trips are pretty popular in Vancouver and not cheap. I’ve been to one of those. After 6 hours, we caught one 10 pound sockeye. The most expensive fish I ever paid for. 

 Granville Island 

And that’s all I got today. Quick little trip to this fun location. I’ve been there many times and I will continue to visit this market whenever I happen to be in Vancouver. Happy belated Cinco de Mayo btw! 






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  1. Wow, now that is what I call a great market. Nothing like that anywhere near where I live…you must have had a wonderful time shopping there.

    1. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool place. I love it. Same here, nothing like that near where I live but we do have the local farmers markets that pop around the city through out the week. Small markets but all local and fresh and mostly organic. Thanks for stopping by Karen! hope you had a great weekend.

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