Happy Memorial Day 2016 Guys and Gals!

Happy Memorial Day 2016 Guys and Gals! @ thatothercookingblog.com by Paul Palop

I hope all my US friends had a great long and relaxing weekend full of sun and plenty of grilling action. It has certainly been relaxing on my end but zero grilling. I’ve been busy working on a cheese making post and that has taken pretty much 2 full days of work in the kitchen and I hope to have the post ready sometime this week. I won’t give away any more details but I think it’s gonna be good!!!

What about these dogs? If you’re venezuelan or have visited that country you know we don’t grill our hotdogs, we boil them. I have no idea why they’re boiled but it’s awesome and I love them cooked this way. Having lived in the US for many years I know this way of making hotdogs can be an invite for a lot of questioning, eye rolling, funny remarks judging and confusion (that’s how controversial hotdogs can be) but hey, I too love them grilled dogs, or pan seared, deep-fried, straight out of the bag (I’m not kidding here).. my love of hotdogs knows no limits.

Happy Memorial Day 2016 Guys and Gals! @ thatothercookingblog.com by Paul Palop

Keep rolling your eyes (hopefully not!) because I also love mayo and I specially love mayo on a hotdog 🙂 Ok, maybe you love mayo too which could open the possibility of an everlasting new friendship but then maybe you prefer dijon over yellow mustard and that in fact could turn us back into archenemies. Let’s simply agree that we both love ketchup and all will be well. Everybody loves ketchup.  I gotta go check on my cheese press but I have a few questions before I go! Did you grill? did you boil? did you eat a ton of mayo?  

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