a simple ratatouille tart

I’m one of the worst food blogger out there. I abandon my site constantly. Neglect it for extended periods of time and when I do post I have typos and writing mistakes everywhere. I rarely provide photos of the process. I can’t stay focused on the subject in question and find it extremely hard to provide a recipe since it’s not how I cook. If you’re still here thank you for putting up with all this crap. I could make some promises that I will try to address some of these things but I won’t. I simply don’t have the time to work a full-time job and maintain my blog the way I want to. I’m not gonna give up now either, although it has crossed my mind lately but that would be even more lame so I’m just going to continue with my efforts and hopefully provide some useful content from time to time.  We’ve been through a lot since 2013 and there’s really no point in throwing the towel now. Happy holiday season… end of rant… #1. 

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Christmas Bolognese Pasta

If you know or you know of somebody that holds the true original recipe for bolognese sauce please report back in the comment section if you can. I’m really curious. A simple google search returned over 200,000 result and after checking the first 2 pages of results it was obvious everybody has their own idea of what an authentic bolognese ragu should be. There are obviously the usual suspects in the ingredients list which I tried to keep in mind but seriously, cooking by most common denominator ingredients is plain boring, at least to me. 

The absolutely required ingredients in bolognese ragu.

hmm…. meat? I think that’s mainly it. Which kind? well… in today’s world beef because it’s easier to find although historically veal is probably more proper. Pancetta can also be found in pretty much all the recipes I looked at. Then we have the aromatics like onion, celery and carrots. Carrots being fairly popular and onions being in pretty much all the recipes. Wine? hit or miss really. Milk? yep… another one that is popular but not standard. Garlic for sure. Nutmeg… yep. I think nutmeg is probably the only spice being added to this sauce in modern times. No bay leaves apparently. Pork? yep, it does appear but not consistently. Stock? yep… here and there although I should say.. if I can avoid it I will refrain from using stock unless absolutely necessary in a recipe.  

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Butchering lesson outcome: Part I. Roasted pork shoulder.

Butchering lesson outcome Part I. Roasted pork shoulder.

Ok, this is a couple of weeks late but happy 4th of July to America! I had an amazing time celebrating with the people I love and the food I love. If you have been following this blog, just a day before the 4th of July I attended a butchering lesson, and I was eager to cook some of the pork bounty I had earned after 8 hours of hard work, sweat and blood, literally.  Pork shoulder, slowly roasted in the oven, after a long and flavourful marinade overnight session fit the bill. 

Butchering lesson outcome Part I. Roasted pork shoulder. @ thatothercookingblog.com

When I say 8 hours of hard work, I mean 8 hours. That’s how long it takes to butcher a whole pig the traditional way although I’m sure it goes faster without annoying photographers or eagerly curious students asking a bunch of silly questions like I found myself asking. 

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Happy Memorial Day 2016 Guys and Gals!

Happy Memorial Day 2016 Guys and Gals! @ thatothercookingblog.com by Paul Palop

I hope all my US friends had a great long and relaxing weekend full of sun and plenty of grilling action. It has certainly been relaxing on my end but zero grilling. I’ve been busy working on a cheese making post and that has taken pretty much 2 full days of work in the kitchen and I hope to have the post ready sometime this week. I won’t give away any more details but I think it’s gonna be good!!!

What about these dogs? If you’re venezuelan or have visited that country you know we don’t grill our hotdogs, we boil them. I have no idea why they’re boiled but it’s awesome and I love them cooked this way. Having lived in the US for many years I know this way of making hotdogs can be an invite for a lot of questioning, eye rolling, funny remarks judging and confusion (that’s how controversial hotdogs can be) but hey, I too love them grilled dogs, or pan seared, deep-fried, straight out of the bag (I’m not kidding here).. my love of hotdogs knows no limits.

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