Easy Chicken Ramen Soup

This is really not a post. I mean, it is technically one but my intention isn’t to give you guys a recipe for an easy chicken ramen noodle soup… but I do go over it so keep reading, I actually included the information.

I mainly wanted to show some vital signs. I’ve been away for a bit but not for lack of interest but because I’ve been working on other related food projects which I will soon share with you all. It’s not a food truck but good guess.

Regardless of any external distractions I will return to my blog asap. I have salmon cappelletti to share with you. Also, homemade parmesan cheese… yes, it’s been in my pantry curing away for months now. I have a few more recipes I would like to talk about so anyways, stay tuned. Californians, it will eventually cool down. It has to. 



The noodles. 

Ok, ramen noodles are probably my favorite type of noodle and I happen to live 1 block from the amazing marukai market so no need to be making this noodles from scratch today although it is in my to-do list for sure. Have you seen those guys in the videos? they don’t even use equipment, it’s quite amazing actually.

The broth. 

I make my own chicken stock frequently but any store-bought chicken stock would do. And by the way, if you’re wondering what the difference between broth and stock is… good luck. I have no idea. Function is the only thing separating the two because in my experience they’re the same. If you disagree, the comment section is right there below us. Type away. And in the case you’re interested in making your own chicken stock let’s make some chicken stock from scratch.

Season it up. 

To flavour it I seasoned the broth with tamari (a.k.a. japanese soy sauce but tamari sounds cooler and probably gluten free, something I don’t care much really because I love my gluten) and a little bit of miso paste. That’s it.

The egg. 

The egg, there’s always an eggs somewhere on this blog. Well, there it is… just soft boiled in the broth itself… because I hate doing dishes and keeping the number of pots to a minimum is of paramount importance to me.

The garnish. 

Sure, a little cilantro leaf because why not garnish the food that’s taken us so much friggin’ effort to make.



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  1. I’ve always thought of broth as soup that you eat, whilst stock is something you might add to soup. My granddaughter who learned high school Japanese from primary to high school will like this recipe. Nice.

    1. thanks for your comment Mary! I hope she enjoys it! And regarding broth/stock differences, I agree with you, they are referred to differently depending on the application, but do you think the base is different? maybe stock is more seasoned? I add very little salt to my chicken stock and store it in the fridge.

      1. Hi Paul, when I make stock, I cook it down to concentrate it and give it strength. I strain the veggies and the bones and freeze in little containers. How long do you keep your stock in the fridge?

  2. hi Mary! i meant freezer which would be months but in the fridge I usually store stuff like this for 2 weeks in an airtight container. Concentrating the stock helps in preserving it if you have added salt to it… like a bouillon cube… never goes bad 🙂

  3. I’m very curious about the homemade parmigiano!
    As far as I know, the difference between stock and broth is indeed its function. A stock becomes a broth when it is served with things floating in it. Like ramen noodles or tortellini.
    Haven’t made ramen soup in a while but I would never use store-bought chicken stock, unless it has low salt and only has ingredients I would use myself. (That does exist, but usually is so expensive that I prefer making it myself.)

    1. well… this might not come as a surprise to you.. the cheese was a total disaster. I have my theories. I think I over pressed it and the lack of moisture made fermentation dull and the final result extremely waxy and … at first … the taste is definitely there.. but it’s closer to eating cheese rind than eating actual cheese. I’ll have to get a proper cheese press and try this again

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