Hestan Brand Ambassador

Hestan Brand Ambassador @ thatothercookingblog.com

Hey guys, just a quick update. I posted the update on my instagram account but never officially on the blog. Not sure if you’ve heard of Hestan cookware or their amazing line of bbq grills (if you’re into grilling just take a look at what they’re doing) It’s definitely top of the line stuff and I’m pretty excited, humbled but super excited to be working with them! helping promoting the brand and accruing more culinary stories that I can share here @ thatothercookingblog.com. Their line of cookware can be found at the Williams-Sonoma store.  Check it out, looks awesome and cooks awesome too. I’ll be posting my first recipe featuring their 11″ Nanobond skillet pretty soon. Take care guys! 

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My first time being published!

A few months ago a received and email from Callisto Media.  They’re located in San Francisco and they publish books. Lots of books. They were interested in talking to me about the possibility of writing and photographing a cookbook on sous vide cooking. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I got to being even considered for something like that. Of course my answer was yes and we scheduled a phone call in the upcoming days. I really liked them from the get go. They were pretty clear about their approach to publishing, their schedule, deadlines, process, etc, etc, etc. I went on and on about cooking and sous vide and photography, etc, etc. With my crazy work schedule I feared I would not be able to write and photograph (not to mention do all the cooking) in the proposed timetable. So I took a few days to think about it and was pretty honest about being concerned with delivering the writing and the photos on time. They understood, and the conversation almost stalled at that point. I suggested only doing the photography to what they seemed opened to but they needed to regroup and come back to me with a verdict. 

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easy chicken ramen soup

This is really not a post. I mean, it is technically one but my intention isn’t to give you guys a recipe for an easy chicken ramen noodle soup… but I do go over it so keep reading, I actually included the information.

I mainly wanted to show some vital signs. I’ve been away for a bit but not for lack of interest but because I’ve been working on other related food projects which I will soon share with you all. It’s not a food truck but good guess.

Regardless of any external distractions I will return to my blog asap. I have salmon cappelletti to share with you. Also, homemade parmesan cheese… yes, it’s been in my pantry curing away for months now. I have a few more recipes I would like to talk about so anyways, stay tuned. Californians, it will eventually cool down. It has to. 

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June blogging updates!

Sunnies and sous vide new york steak. Fresh Salsa and sautéed mushrooms. June blogging updates!

I’ve been busy at work and also looking for a new home here in LA. The search is over for now. I’m going to be renting out a place soon and by soon I mean in a week or so. I’ve been prepping for the move. I think I have pretty much everything ready. I’m excited to be living closer to work again and to have a bigger kitchen. The light inside the place is nice, soft but plentiful. So hopefully I will be doing a bit more natural light photography soon.  I much rather use natural light but as you may know… I’m a late night cook.  That’s when I have time.  

Hot pork tamales stuffing recycle project. Pasta. June blogging updates!

I haven’t forgotten about my blog by the way. Pictures of food keep piling up on my hard drive week after week and I can’t seem to get in the rhythm of blogging or find a good window to do so. This is one hot summer in LA so my indoor kitchen cooking tends to be a bit more limited. No hot ovens or pots of boiling water but lots of sous vide cooking. I don’t have A/C in here either. I don’t have a yard or a grill so there’s that too. I’m thinking of getting an electric grill though. Something small, easy to clean and super hot. If you have any suggestions, please direct them my way.  

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