Vacuvita Vacuum Home Storage System with Sous Vide Cooks in Mind

vacuvita vacuum home storage system with sous vide cooks in mind

Hey guys! I personally never heard of this appliance until the vacuvita guys contacted me to review it. Well, let’s be clear. This is not an appliance. It’s actually an integrated vacuum sealing solution that pretty much covers all of the home cook needs and will make your kitchen look like some sleek sci-fi future lab (like in a good way!). I’ve been testing it for quite some time and use it pretty much every day. Let’s break down this system into its main features and elaborate a bit on each, shall we? 

vacuvita vacuum home storage system with sous vide cooks in mind

Vacuvita Home Base. 

This is the most important piece of the system. It contains all the vacuuming hardware plus it is also a vacuum storage chamber itself.  It only has 2 buttons to operate the whole system plus a vacuum release valve in the back (just in case). As in most cases, this minimalistic design shows clever people are behind this appliance (I’m a huge fan of simplicity). The storage chamber itself has ample space (about a couple of gallons worth of it). I usually use it to store dehydrated foods, baked goods like bread and cookies and anything with very low water content but you can store pretty much anything in it that doesn’t require refrigeration (there’s an idea…a vacuum sealing fridge. I’m sure NASA already has those everywhere).  

vacuvita vacuum home storage system with sous vide cooks in mind

The vacuum bags. 

This is my favorite feature… of course. The sous vide pouches are beautiful. Made to last and be re-used and definitely re-sealable (with some limitations, of course, read instructions please).  Again, I don’t store vacuum-sealed foods in the fridge or freezer but as you may know, I do a ton of sous vide cooking and I have tested re-sealable bags in the past. The vacuvita bags performed really well. They held their seal even in 24-hour cooks which is pretty good for re-sealable bags (sous vide pork ribs 24h @62C). The vacuvita system ships with 2 bag sizes: 15xGallon bags and 15×2 quarts bags which is pretty much all you’ll ever need for most sous vide preparation and you can buy extra bags online

vacuvita vacuum home storage system with sous vide cooks in mind

vacuvita vacuum home storage system with sous vide cooks in mind

The sealing process is straightforward. The system ships with a vacuuming pump hose that connects to the home base and an attachment that is placed over the bag in a clearly marked area. Apply the slightest bit of pressure with your hand over it and done. The air will be sucked out in a few seconds and off you go. Doesn’t get simpler than this.  Just make sure you don’t overfill the baggie and that its contents remain under the “max fill” line also clearly marked on the bag. This line also determines how deep into the water the baggies go. Don’t submerge the bags above this line or you might compromise the seal. Needless to say, these bags are BPA free and 100% safe to use for all your sous vide cooking. 

vacuvita vacuum home storage system with sous vide cooks in mind

The storage containers. 

If you’re into food storage then you’re gonna love these. The quality of the containers themselves is remarkable. They were made to last for a long time and look incredibly sleek and they’re vacuum sealable… of course, they are! I don’t store food for long periods of time and haven’t used the feature much but worked great when I did. I do store a ton of food to be consumed within days and these containers have replaced my old ones. They clean really well and are dishwasher safe. Just remove the two rubber seals (grey and white) and you’re good to go. I’m actually thinking of buying more. They are microwave safe too. Vacuvita ships with 4 containers in 3 sizes, you will find a suitable one for any of your foods. 

vacuvita vacuum home storage system with sous vide cooks in mind

If you’re into speeding things up, you can also use the containers to accelerate marination of foods. Chicken, meat, vegetables. Just place your ingredients in the container and suck out the air. The marination times can be dramatically sped up by this. Please refer to the manual for more specifics on this. I don’t vacuum marinade food personally but I’ve been tempted to explore it since the vacuvita system is so easy to use. 

vacuvita vacuum home storage system with sous vide cooks in mind

vacuvita vacuum home storage system with sous vide cooks in mind

 More good news!

I own a pretty reliable vacuum chamber at home but I don’t use it much. It’s extremely heavy and takes up so much counter space that I bring it out only when I really really need to (wish I had a dedicated place for it but my kitchen is not that big). The vacuvita has successfully addressed those 2 issues. The appliance is very light and the chamber itself is a storage compartment so you don’t necessarily commit to having this space unutilized.  The vacuvita is also smaller and pretty to look at. 

Also, in comparison with my old vacuum chamber, vacuvita runs extremely quietly. My old vacuum chamber sounds like I have a meat packing factory at home. With the vacuvita, star trek food lab is a better analogy. 

Lastly, the manuals and documentation that ships with the system are a joy to read. Again, marked by simplicity in the instructions and schematics and great reference charts for storage times for most ingredients in a modern kitchen. 

vacuvita vacuum home storage system with sous vide cooks in mind

My thoughts on the vacuvita. 

I’ve been using the vacuvita for over a month now (I know, it’s taken me forever to write this review but I’ve gotten pretty familiar with it and I think I’m in love…). I have used it in some way or another almost on a daily basis which is pretty telling of how convenient this appliance can be. I store all my bread and baked goods in the chamber now. 

I’ve been smoking a lot of meat over the last few months and usually cook more meat than we can eat right away, so having a system as easy as this one is to use, to vacuum pack all the leftovers have been pretty awesome. My fridge looks a lot neater with all these fancy storing options. Love ’em. 

In addition, the sous vide bags…. well, love at first sight. Whether you’re an avid sous vide cook or just getting started, this vacuum packing system will help you get the job done swiftly. 

I think it all boils down to this: If you’ve been looking for a vacuum sealing solution that covers all bases, of great quality and the simplest of operations I don’t think there’s anything on the market right now that can rival what vacuvita has to offer.  Love it. 


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    1. Of course! And yeah, it all depends on the kind of cook you are. The vacuvita isn’t cheap but it does what it does really well but if you’re an obsessive cook with serious vacuum packing needs then other solutions can be more fitting. I own a vacmaster 112… that thing was meant for war (I mean, the sound of that pump is scary and the thing is heavy as a tank) but it does the job real well and if I ever get into a food business, I have the upper hand. I can also vacuum seal liquids which is awesome but how often do I need that feature? rarely. You’re a hardcore cook, I’m pressure you obsess about it like I do haha! so It would make perfect sense if you’d rather invest your money in a more professional solution. Think of the vacuvita as the iPhone camera of packing. Everybody has one (well, not everybody what you know where I’m going with this), it does a pretty damn good job at it (plus all the extra features) but if you want a professional camera, get a DSLR 🙂

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