Asado Negro Sous Vide 48h@52C

I’ve always been more drawn to cooking things that take a longer time to make. There’s something really soothing and therapeutic about it not to mention the amplified feeling of accomplishment and the reward at the end of a long cook. Whether you’re slow cooking, sous vide’ing, BBQing, dry curing, aging or fermenting, time plays […]

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Sous Vide Garlic Confit : 6h @85c

I got into this stuff when I first started cooking.  During those early garlic-confit days, I was reading a lot about French technique and was collecting a bunch of second-hand books which I would usually buy at Alibris (if you still read physical books and don’t care about buying new that’s a cool site to check out). […]

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Cooking Chicken Sous Vide and Pink Juices

cooking chicken sous vide and pink juices

I haven’t found a lot of information on the matter. Seems a bit odd considering how much importance people give to the “cook until juices run clear” rule in a time when sous vide cooking is becoming more popular but maybe that’s just me not crawling the web more thoroughly.  If you’ve seen any good source of info let me […]

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