My first cheese!

the real mozzarella calls for thermophilic culture and no citric acid. acidity develops in the fridge over a 24 hour period. curds should melt at 170f

Using veggie rennet.., not sure if it’s still proper cheese but that’s all I could find in the store.

1 gallon of whole milk (I should try non homogenized milk next time)

1.5 teaspoons (corrected from 1.5 tablespoons erroneously used previously) of citric acid added to the milk before warming it up.

4 drops of rennet, directly into the milk that’s been heated to 92f… Next time, will dilute it in Luke warm water. 1/4 of a cup before adding. when trying with animal rennet better results. nicer curds.

Let set… 45 mins to 12 hours.

Drain whey via cheesecloth. Reserve whey for storing cheese later.

Heat curds in the microwave 30 secs at high heat. More whey will be released. Start kneading the curds. This process usually needs to be repeated 4 or more times to the get stringy mozzarella quality. Add salt and spices at this stage.

Make a whey and salt brine and keep the mozzarella balls immersed in it. Store in the fridge.

Used this vid as a reference:


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