sleep deprived, overworked, tired and hungry? here a quick one:

Pan fried calamari dusted in whole wheat flour.

Tip 1: I didn’t measure anything, this recipe is extremely simple and forgiving.

Tip 2: coating with whole wheat flour gives a nice crumbly rustic golden finish to anything.

Dinner for 1, time from prep to chewing, roughly 15mins.


skillet. Preferably stainless steel.
silicon spatula or wooden spoon
cutting board
1 stove burner


200g squid dried with paper towels.
Enough whole wheat flour to coat squids.
2 garlic cloves, medium slices.
2T italian parsley.
2T olive oil.
1T champagne vinegar (or any dry vinegar)
Lime juice to taste.
Some kosher salt for when searing.
S+P to taste (maldon salt)


01 pat squid dry with paper towels, don’t overdo, squid needs to be a little moist.
02 place squid in strainer, add flour and toss until squid is covered.
03 chop garlic and parsley and have them ready.
04 high heat, pan, olive oil, add squid when pan starts to smoke a bit.
05 add some kosher salt to season.
06 sear for about 3 minutes, then throw in garlic and roast for another 3 minutes.
07 don’t let garlic burn or get too brown.
08 turn off heat. add parsley, and let wilt a bit.
09 add vinegar and let reduce while pan still hot.
10 serve on plate. splash with some lime juice.
11 garnish with some olive oil and maldon salt.


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    1. thanks! I could have used AP flour for a finer texture, but the whole wheat flour has a better texture if you’re going for something less predictable and the taste is a bit sweeter too. Thanks for stopping by Stefan!

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