Hershey’s pâte à choux with a coconut twist!

I tried something a little different today. I made pate au choux and flavored it with hershey’s chocolate syrup AND used coconut oil instead of butter. The combination of coconut and chocolate is incredibly delicious, so why not make puff cream using both. The result is an incredibly delicate and tasty pastry treat. Fill them with creme patisserie, they crave it! Here’s what I did, enjoy:


1 quart sauce pan.
1 burner.
1 silicon spatula.
1 digital scale.
Few containers for the mise en place.
Cookie sheet or mini cupcake mold.
Parchment paper or silkpad if using sheet.
Nonstick oil if using mold.
Pastry bag fitted with the round tip.
Spray water bottle.
Oven at 400f.

Baker’s percentages (rounded):

100% water
100% eggs
60% flour
40% chocolate syrup
40% coconut oil
40% sugar


150g water
150g eggs
090g AP flour
063g Dr.Bronners Virgin Coconut Oil White Kernel.
063g Hershey’s chocolate syrup
063g sugar (the sugar can be adjusted to taste, I used less)


If using sheet, line with parchment
If using mold, spray with nonstick

01. Saucepan on medium heat
02. Mix water, coconut oil, sugar, hershey’s chocolate.
03. Simmer
04. Add flour
05. Mix with spatula until smooth
06. Turn heat off
07. Let cool a bit (can be let cool completely) *
08. Better if dough still pretty warm, easier to mix
09. Add eggs, 3 tbsp at a time and mix well **
10. Its a bit of a work out
11. Lots of fast spatula mixing action
12. Add cheese
13. Mix well with spatula
14. Fill pastry bag with dough
15. Push little dollops on sheet or mold
16. Give them space to expand
17. Wet finger in cold water
18. Kill any pointy bits or they’ll burn
19. Place in preheated oven
20. Spray with some water
21. Bake until awesome

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* I dont even think its necessary to simmer anything. There is no cooking involved? maybe the flour starches hydrate better after the simmering water is added. I want to try making this without any heat involved.

** I also don’t think adding the eggs bit by bit help, I added them all at the same time, and waited a bit, eventually the flour absorbs them and the mix become rich and smooth like you’d expect.


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