oven roasted pork ribs : sugar : salt : pepper : if only I could live on this…

This is the simplest thing in the world to make, just requires some oven time… or if you prefer, grilling time, the grill is a bit trickier but do not fear it, cooking cuts like these take so long that if you check every now and then, you can prevent any disaster which could be either burn the ribs by applying too much heat, or overcook them to mush which would require cooking them way past anyone’s patience and appetite. I like to use my oven, I don’t own a charcoal grill, so grilling with gas sort of seems a bit pointless, except for the outdoorsy experience.  Also, suite yourself with more fancy rubs and bbq sauces, I like my ribs simple where the pork flavor is as prominent as possible. Maybe a little bbq sauce on the side. Smoking ribs is something I haven’t tried either, I don’t have a smoker, and even though I like smoky ribs, very often I feel like having them without any distractions.

choose a healthy looking rack of ribs, smell it, should be pleasant and fresh smelling, close to odorless really


Roasting pan
Aluminum foil (to line the roasting pan)
Metallic bowl (to hold some water inside the oven)

be generous with your seasoning, some of it will slide off when the fat on the pork ribs melt away and ends at the bottom of the roasting pan.


salt+pepper+sugar (all to taste really)
rack of pork ribs

after an hour, some blood appears on the surface, this is a good sign, the cooking process is under way and yumminess follows


01: place pork ribs on lined baking pan
02: sprinkle salt, pepper and sugar generously, trust me
03: place baking pan in the oven
04: place the metallic bowl with water at the bottom of the oven
05: roast for 1 hour at 200f, 1 hour at 250f, 1 hour at 300, finish at 400 until golden, another 20 mins.
06: you can also cook them at 250f for 4 hours total, more tender… maybe too tender 😉

These ribs combined with a chimichurri sauce are so good, it should be illegal, enjoy! I’ll get to a chimichurri recipe soon, it’s on my to do list along with romesco and harissa.

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