Super Easy Garbanzo and Sausage Soup. More budget cooking!

This awesome recipe concludes my budget cooking repertoire for the weekend. I have meals to last me a couple of weeks now. If you missed my previous 2 recipes… here they are: Chicken Soup and Beet and Cole Slaw Salad. Garbanzos have been an obsession of mine since I can remember.I love them in cold salads, soups, in hummus… etc. They are so versatile and deserve a respectable place in my pantry. I only use dry garbanzos when I make them. They’re cheaper this way and last forever in case you aren’t ready to use them right away. They also have better texture than the canned stuff. Today, we’re making garbanzo and sausage soup. The total groceries cost about 30 bucks for about 8 servings. That’s super cheap and so delicious. And I can’t stress this enough… follow me on Instagram by clicking on that little Instagram thingy on the right! 🙂 Let’s go!


 Ingredients (6-8 servings):

1 pound of dry garbanzos.
4-6 sweet or spicy pork sausage links. Sliced in rounds.
2 quarts of chicken stock or 2 chicken boullion cubes.
1 large yellow onion. Small dice.
2 Tbsp of tomato paste
1 Tbsp of minced garlic
1 tsp dry rosemary
1 tsp dry thyme
1 tbs dry coriander seeds
1 tbs chili powder
4 bay leaves.
Salt and Pepper to taste
Hot sauce to taste. I used Sriracha.


The Sausage.

Sauté the onion and the sausages in some olive oil. Make sure the sausages are nicely golden and the onions are translucent. About 5 mins. Remove from the pot (I only use one pot for this recipe). I deep-fried them.


The Garbanzos.

To speed things up a bit, you could soak the garbanzos overnight in water. I didn’t and that’s ok. I rinsed them in water though. Pressure cook for about 10 mins in plain water. Then release the pressure and discard the cooking water. I like doing this to remove impurities from the garbanzo skin usually those show as scum on the surface of the pot which you can ladle out too. If you don’t use a pressure cooker then simmer them in a regular pot and ladle the scum off as it surfaces or discard the cooking water in the end. Should take about 20 mins. Return the garbanzos to the pot.  Add the chicken stock or if using the bouillon cubes, add about 2 quarts of water. Add the rest of the ingredients and the sausage and the onions. Pressure cook for another 40 mins or simmer for about one hour and 20 mins or until the garbanzos are tender but not disintegrating.  Season to taste with salt and pepper. You can add a splash of white wine vinegar if you miss some acidity. Hot sauce also brings up the acidity. Discard the bay leaves. That’s it!


A bit chaotic but I was making 3 recipes all at once and taking all these pictures… madness but fun! And that’s the end of my first round of budget cooking this fall. Hopefully more to come! 

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    1. My pressure cooker is my all time favourite kitchen weapon along with my sous vide machine and my knives. Love that thing so so much. I don’t own a slow cooker, I should get one to make pulled pork.

      1. Definitely want a sous vide and pressure cooker at some point. Slow cookers are just convenient and no fail. 🙂 Costco has the real, original one at a great price. Good for bean dishes, too, as well as leg of lamb!

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