Lamb Chops and Broccoli Pesto Spaghettini.

Lamb Chops and Broccoli Pesto Spaghettini.

I’m crazy about Lamb Chops but I’m not a fan of broccoli. I’ll eat it. It’s green. Looks and tastes better smothered in ranch sauce for sure. I’m sure I’m not alone out there. I’m also pretty sensitive to bitter tastes. I drink coffee only because I have to, I can’t enjoy it. I hate dark chocolate, I seriously hate it.  You get the idea. So back to broccoli. When broccoli is cooked, things change for the better. The bitterness becomes more pleasant and when mixed with fat, then it goes from pleasant to delicious. It’s a stupid simple recipe but one that I adore. Probably why I adore milk chocolate too.

But wait, thought it was a pasta recipe, who invited lamb chops to this party? They don’t need no invite. I love them.  They looked awesome at the supermarket and I couldn’t resist. I got them 2 days ago. They have been curing in the fridge with some salt so I had to use them. I didn’t have time to figure out a way to incorporate all these ingredients in a clever way (a composed dish?… maybe another time) so I threw them together. I did drizzle almond oil all over the dish and that kinda helped me feel better about the final result. The thing is, taste-wise?  This dish was one to remember.

Lamb Chops and Broccoli Pesto Spaghettini

Now, a question arises. To deep fry or not to deep fry these chops? the correct answer is yes, specially if you’re time pressed and not hoping to earn a michelin star anytime soon. But the truth is, if you want acceptable results in a matter of 2 minutes which includes a golden brown crust from heaven then this is probably the way to go. Sure, there are fancy ways to ensure a perfect outcome but I have zero access to that fanciness so I proceeded with my rudimentary approach and hoped for the best. And great it was. Could be better? Sure. In less than 2 minutes. Nope. 

Lamb Chops and Broccoli Pesto Spaghettini

Ingredients (makes 2 servings. Time: 15mins)

4 beautiful fresh lamb chops
300g spaghettini
1 broccoli head
1 garlic clove (optional)
Almond oil

Lamb Chops and Broccoli Pesto Spaghettini

The broccoli pesto. I’m being pretty liberal with the use of the word Pesto here but I just can’t think of a better one, anyways. Remove and trim everything but the florets. Steam in a closed pot with a bit of water, about 1/2 Cup is probably ok. Steam for about 5 mins. Broccoli will steam fast. Don’t overcook it. The flavour and the colour will go dull. Should be brightly green and not be falling apart. Discard the water except for about a couple of Tbsp. Cut the broccoli into chunks. Add to a blender. Add the 2 Tbsp of water into the blender. Add about 1/4 Cup of almond oil into the blender. Add the garlic clove. Blend for a good 5 mins. Add salt and adjust it to your liking. Strain the sauce to discard any brittle solids. Reserve until the pasta is ready.

The pasta. In a pot of salty boiling water, add the pasta until al dente. How salty? salty like the ocean more or less? 🙂 Strain the pasta, discarding the water (maybe save some of it in case you need to adjust the creaminess of the pesto), return to the pot. Add the broccoli pesto to the pot and incorporate well.

The chops. Sprinkle generous salt on both sides of the chops and let them cure in the fridge for no more than 2 nights. If you wanna get this dish done right away you can salt the chops last second. I won’t be seasoned as well but it’ll do. Take them out of the fridge just before you are ready. Pat dry with paper towels. In a pot half way full of vegetable oil heat until the oil is about 425F If you don’t have a thermometer that allows you to measure that kind of head, simply sear the chops in a regular heavy skillet and be done with it otherwise, have fun deep frying! Add 1 chop at a time for about 2 mins each. Remove each chop and place over paper towels. Remove any excess oil. They will be medium rare. Let them rest to ensure they cook throughly and don’t bleed out all that awesome juiciness.

Plate it all together drizzle some almond oil over your dish and off you go!


Lamb Chops and Broccoli Pesto Spaghettini





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  1. I get you with regard to the bitterness. I love even strongly bitter flavors – i could almost love unsweetened chocolate – and i realize that I’m a bit rare in that regard. Many people don’t realize that extent to which broccoli – and similar veggies, like Brussels Sprouts – undergo when cooked. Especially when roasted. Your pesto sounds delicious.

    1. Yeah, I’ve always been very sensitive to bitter flavours. I can’t help it. It’s just not my thing. I don’t like tea, I don’t like coffee, I don’t like dark chocolate. Add sugar and that all changes. Thanks for your compliment, really appreciate it!

  2. Our tastes seem to be totally opposite as I like all the things you mentioned that you didn’t like. 😀 One thing is do know is that your dinner sounds terrific!

    1. Ahahaha, thanks Karen! I can’t even stand tea. Too bitter!!! I have to add so much sugar to it. I do love beer. It’s a different kind of bitter though. Maybe I should add alcohol to my bitter ingredients and everything should be ok.

  3. Beautiful! I just made lamb chops recently because I had company, otherwise my husband won’t eat them! It was part of a huge Indian spread I served – marinated for a few days with a curry paste. Love them! I love broccoli, too, but this is a great way to use it!

    1. Mimi! thank you! I’m giving indian a second change… but my way. I have curried lentils to go with ox tail for hopefully my next post. My biggest issue with indian food is that the spices take over the main ingredient, but maybe that’s because I’ve only had indian food like twice in my life at some whatever places. hahaha. Thanks for stopping by! I can’t get enough lamb chops, they are so delicious!

      1. Maybe you have to eat Indian food WITH Indian food! For the main portion of the spread, I prepared the curried grilled lamb chops, curried chicken in a tomato-based sauce, curried chick peas with green chiles, sag – a curried spinach and broccoli puree, naan, raita, and coriander chutney. Oh, and a saffron rice. It’s a fabulously sexy smorgasbord of Indian food! They all went with each other. Just a thought…

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