Bison flank steak roulade. Sous Vide. 56C 1h.

Bison flank steak roulade. Sous Vide. 56C 1h.

This will be another quick post for there is nothing complicated about cooking sous vide. Flank steak has a wonderful texture and flavour. Bison flank steak is probably more tender and more delicate in flavour as well. I rolled up the flank steak and tied it up like a small roast. Then cooked it sous vide for 1 hour and deep fried it for about 1 minute at 375F.  I had previously seasoned the meat with just salt before vacuum sealing.

Bison flank steak roulade. Sous Vide. 56C 1h.

The meat cured in the refrigerator for about 2 days until I was ready to cook. Next time I will probably cook it for another hour just to get a slightly softer texture. It wasn’t off by much though. I loved it. Happy long weekend! Happy grilling and get ready for some fall season cooking. My favorite. 

Bison flank steak roulade. Sous Vide. 56C 1h.

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  1. That roulade looks great, Paul. It is hard to judge the diameter from the photo, but I wonder if an hour was enough to get the center to 56 degrees. I like to cook flank steak sous-vide for 48 hours (!) at 55C, which will make it very tender.

    1. yeah, the photo is almost a macro shot and it’s hard to tell the size. The diameter of it wasn’t more than 5cm. And hour was enough but I would like to try different cooking temperatures. Your idea sounds good. I like some bite in the meat though. I worry 48 hours might it a bit mushy? I have hanger steak at 58C for 1 hour ready to sear. The texture is great!

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