Chicken Thigh Confit Sous Vide 12h 62C

chicken thigh confit sous vide 12h 62C

This is a really fun one to try and it’s delicious. I usually cook a bunch of them and store them. They can be refrigerated for days and months if you freeze them as long as you keep them in the vacuum sealed bags. A quick sear it’s all it takes just before serving and you’re done.

chicken thigh confit sous vide 12h 62C

But why cook a chicken thigh (you can do thigh and leg the same btw) for 12 hours? Chicken dark meat can be cooked in less than an hour on a skillet no problem and it’s delicious. It can also be cooked sous vide in a couple of hours if you raise the temperature into the 66C-74C range.

chicken thigh confit sous vide 12h 62C

I guess a few things happen when you lower the temperature to 62C and cook for 12 hours. One being the textural change which is really interesting and hard to describe. The 12 hour of cooking offer a tenderization that is just right. Any more tender and the meat would start turning mushy. The other cool thing that happens is that the skin also seems to change its texture and when seared it acquires this wonderful crispiness like a cracker. It’s pretty amazing.  I believe the same breakdown of the collagen affecting the muscle fibres contributes to this effect. Anyways, I steamed some veggies and had some of that wonderful mango habanero sauce to go with it. Enjoy the weekend guys! 

chicken thigh confit sous vide 12h 62C

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    1. Dangerous typo in your instructions above recommending 62 FAHRENHEIT for 12 hours which, of course, could kill someone

    1. thank you! I usually brine all my chickens in 3% salt %3 sugar for 12 hours but since this is a long cook you can add the brine in the sous vide bag if you don’t want to wait. Let me know if this makes sense!

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