Pork Tenderloin Sous Vide 58C 3hr and Mango Habanero Sauce

And we’re back with some more sous vide cooking! A few things about pork tenderloin. It’s delicious but only if cooked properly otherwise is just boring. Cooking this cut with traditional methods requires some practice and a thermometer but if you’re looking for that medium rare finish and a pasteurized product then going sous vide is the easiest (and possibly the only practical …) way of getting there.

pork tenderloin sous vide 58C 3hr and mango habanero sauce

Spicy stuff!

In my last post I talked about habaneros and mangos and how to make a wonderful sweet hot sauce with the two. You can check out my habanero mango sauce recipe which you will need to compliment this simple dish. I also made a quick cherry tomato salad with a balsamic vinaigrette that’s so simple I won’t bother you with the details. I just listed the 2 ingredients I used plus some olive oil and salt.

pork tenderloin sous vide 58C 3hr and mango habanero sauce


Sous vide.

For those out there reading this blog that haven’t tried to cook using sous vide gear but are curious about the technique please give it a shot. The understanding that can be gained about what heat does to food it’s priceless and being able to compare results between this and traditional methods I believe can reinforce cooking concepts even further.

Making this dish.

Just trim and vacuum seal the pork loin with some salt and cook for 3 hours at 58C. When ready, have a skillet over high heat with some vegetable oil. Oil temperature should be around 400F to ensure a quick good sear. And that’s it. Slice the medallions and serve with the tomato salad and a few dollops of habanero mango sauce. Enjoy!



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  1. Just posted pictures of last night’s pork tenderloin on “Exploring Sous Vide” blog. We chose nearly the same temps, mine at 135 F with a quick deep fry finish.

    1. Hey Savvy! Luckily pork is super friendly and likes to be mixed with pretty much I can think of It seriously is extremely versatile! Thanks for visiting and for sharing your youtube channel! that’s pretty awesome. I’m way way camera shy hahhaa but your recipe made me think of this recipe you might be interested in, since you like mushrooms.

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