Sous Vide NY Steak and Black Garlic Butter.

This is going to be a quick one. My last post from a few days ago is all about black garlic goodness. I think this paved the way for today’s post which is nothing more than just an example of how to use this black garlic compound butter in one of the most delicious ways: Over a perfectly cooked steak.


NY Steak Sous Vide.

This will also be brief. If you have cooked Sous Vide before you know it’s dead simple and there’s nothing much to it (at least not on the surface but the subject can be quite extensive if we get into details and throw in some science into the discussion). When it comes to tender cuts like this, I suggest between one and two hours at a nice medium-rare temperature of 55C or 131F. That’s it. Just make sure you season your steak as you would traditionally and to extract as much air as possible from the baggie or use a vacuum sealer. That’s pretty much it.

Searing this bad boy.

This is where things can get a bit tricky… especially if you want to retain edge to edge perfection which in my case didn’t happen. My steak does have a small gradient but I didn’t lose any sleep over it. Now, If you’re looking for a great sear. Ripping hot pan (above 450F preferably) Some generous amount of high smoking point oil or ghee. Make sure the steak is as dry as possible before it hits the pan (paper towels please) and go in with confidence. Don’t overcrowd the pan if searing more than one steak. Don’t forget to sear the fat strip if you have it (hold the steak with a pair of tongs). A couple of minutes per side should do it but let the color speak to you.

Alternative Searing Techniques.

I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. Of course, there’s like a million ways of achieving a great sear on a Sous Vide cooked steak (or any steak). Some very popular or at least interesting methods include:

  • Torching the hell out of it with a soldering torch (really fun)
  • Deep frying (my personal favorite)
  • Grilling (if you have a super-efficient grill, usually charcoal is best)
  • Pizza oven at 800F or above. (Haven’t tried it yet)

That Buttah!

Since you’ve gotten this far, let’s talk about butter on a steak. It’s kind of a “chefy” thing to do (super old school). Big butter dollop gets placed over the steak while it finishes cooking in the oven… IF we were to do it traditionally but we’re not about that life so we’re just gonna place that butter over the steak after we’re done searing it. I had to help the butter melt with the use of my torch. Please don’t be embarrassed if this happens to you. Just light up the damn thing and watch in awe as the steak gets coated in glistening greatness. At least I did.

And that’s it my friends.

Slice away with the sharpest tool in your household and crack some fresh pepper on it. The steak is ready to serve. No need to rest. It already did in that sous vide hotel. Like a 2 hour nap. And yes… I added my favorite habanero fermented hot sauce to get me closer to perfection. Good night!

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