Kimchi: The Gist

It’s been a while since my last fermentation post on this blog but make no mistake, this house is full of LAB (lactic acid fermentation bacteria, the good guys) and stuff here ferments 24/7 … multiple projects going all at the same time… It’s a bit intense sometimes. I’m getting into fruit Lacto-fermentation now and […]

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Making Fermented Pickles at Home

Making fermented pickles at home (of any kind) is extremely simple and if you haven’t tried it then it might make sense to start with an easy yet classic recipe. Pickled cucumbers are normally called simply pickles but there are all sort fo pickles or pickled things. Anyways, semantics aside, in order to ferment cucumbers […]

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Most Delicious Fermented Tomatillo Hot Sauce

most delicious fermented tomatillo hot sauce

Yep… hot sauce making has taken over my life and so has fermentation. If you haven’t tried either and are hesitant well… put that hesitation aside and dive in. In my opinion, fermented hot sauces are superior in taste to their vinegar-acidified counterparts. There’s that extra complexity in the flavor that just can’t be described. And I’m not […]

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Amazing Fermented Habanero Hot Sauce

amazing fermented habanero hot sauce

I love lacto-fermented vegetables. Homemade sauerkraut and kimchi are fun to make and one of the first things I got into when I started this cooking blog. Along with bread making, vegetable fermentation has always been fascinating to me. Recently I’ve started experimenting with a broader spectrum of vegetables, spices, seasonings… the combinations are endless and the flavor […]

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