Tortilla Española.

Tortilla Española @ by Paul Palop

Ok, so you think you can cook? I don’t mean to deter you from that cooking obsession thing we’re all too familiar with (quite the opposite actually) but omelette-making is a true test for any cook. Tortilla española is not exactly an omelette but similar enough and the skill set is the same basically. I admit I have messed up my fair share of omelettes and tortillas españolas. It’s not easy and if I’m not focused on a given day I will very likely screw it up no matter how many times I practice. 

If there was ever an ingredient that required gentle and precise cooking that is the beloved egg. Sous vide could come to the rescue here and take away all the fun but I like a challenge and when it comes to cooking challenges, tortilla española is a real fun one. This spanish omelette is originally and traditionally cooked with only potatoes. It’s also known as tortilla de patatas or potato omelette. The are a few variants out there and my favorite one has yellow onions. Don’t use red ones, trust me. 

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paella de pollo y cochino.

paella de pollo y cochino |

Before we get into this paella de pollo y cochino let me explain where I’ve been these last 3 weeks (I did mention it in the previous post but I still have a bit left I need to get out of my system). So 3 weeks agoI was getting ready to move my site to a self hosted site. I think moving houses would have been less work and less nerve wrecking. I was in panic mode for a week after accidentally deleting my MySQL tables and lost the entire contents of my blog. When I tried to re-import the site from, not all the posts were coming through and after 48 hours of having a completely broken website I took matters into my own hands… and installed by hand. I had to do this in order to install the specific version (and older one) that seemed to actually work well and not screw up the import. 

I think 48 hours is all it takes for search engines to give up on you if they don’t see you. My blog disappeared from the internets of the world. Dropped off every imaginable search engine index and remained in limbo until today. I had to resubmit sitemaps and force new crawls, repair broken links, and do a ton of maintenance. Today google is liking me a bit better now and I’m waiting for Bing and Yahoo to catch up. I think it will be a week until traffic is restored and things go back to the way they were. Have questions about how to mess up a blog in 10 seconds. I’m your guy. Paella de pollo y cochino is what this post is all about so I will spare you with anymore of this boring tech whatever and jump back into the cooking arena with a new recipe. New for this blog. One of the first things I learned how to cook many years ago. 

paella de pollo y cochino

So this paella, like any paella is very easy to make and requires very few ingredients. For the making of paella featuring chicken, pork, beef or similar meats, the approach is basically the same. I grew up eating it. My mom and my aunt still make it, and though they have their own style and approach, the end result is the same at heart. Beautiful dish. Anyways, for making paella I can break down the process is 4 components. They are all basic techniques and anybody at home with a decent pan, a good knife and a cutting board should be able to prepare this dish in around 2 hours. Here we go! 

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