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One of the things I’ve been trying to setup today is my email notification stuff and I got pretty far… like really far… like I can almost say I’m happy. I killed my site in the process but got it back up and running within the hour. Yeah, every step forward meets unmeasurable excitement…. fml. 

This blog used to be a wordpress.com site and I’m trying my best to keep in touch with my wordpress.com friends via jetpack which is sort of a plugin bridge between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. It’s a bit of a hack but it works… now if you have the time and care enough, please visit this page and signup so you get the new notification format and newsletter.. because it looks … well… yep, it looks cooler now. I will keep jetpack, so if you don’t want to re-sign up and go through that hassle… it’s ok. You’re still getting the wordpress.com style notifications. 

new newsletter

Ah yes… pan cooked Farmer John’s brat,s sunny side up eggs. The cornerstone of any perfect breakfast/lunch/dinner/midnight snack. 




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