sponge cake… you guessed it, fail

I have learned that if I prep everything in advance, this baking business is not a messy experience and it’s actually rather quick to get something ready for the oven. So “mise en place” is as always the way to go.

I’m trying something a bit different this time. I’m prepping all the ingredients by weight and not by volume. I’m using ratios instead of blindly adding cups and tbs of things. I’m working in grams because it makes sense to me. You do need a scale to work this way, I got mine from amazon, it is awesome. Ok, here are the ratios for a sponge cake:

1 parts flour (I tested bread f.)
1 parts eggs
1 parts sugar
1 parts butter
0.08 parts baking powder

0.08 lemon juice (from a bottle)
0.08 pure vanilla extract

Since eggs are tricky to split in grams, I used one egg as my cooking part unit. It weighs about 60g, I made a cake that had 2 eggs, here’s the ingredients by weight:

120g eggs
120g flour
120g butter
120g sugar
4g baking powder
4g lemon juice
4g vanilla extract.

Then, preheat your oven at 350f

1. beat sugar and eggs until triple their volume
2. sift flour, mix baking powder. I use the hand mixer for sifting and mixing them together in a dry bowl.
3. mix (folding, need to look into it) the dry mix into the wet mix.
4. mix the melted butter (at room temperature, you don’t want your eggs to curdle when you mix it in) into the batter.
5. add flavorings
6. in the oven it goes for roughly 20 mins, better to check and test for doneness. it should be dry inside.

Ok, I learned a valuable lesson today, don’t take anything for granted, not even softening butter to room temperature… do just that or… once it separates (melts) its game over. Which is what happened to my second sponge cake. It did not raise much.

Also, I will try creaming the butter with the sugar first, then adding the eggs.

Some pics I took while working on this sponge cake failure!






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    1. beautiful! thanks Aletta! I wish I had been cooking since I was 13!!! but I didn’t realize I liked it so much until recently. Read your about page. Cape Town huh? lovely place, I went there a few years ago. The food was incredible and the penguins were so cute! not to mention the ostriches had so much personality, and how beautiful the cape of good hope was. I will never forget south africa. so beautiful.

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