Brioche Rolls : Yogurt : Nutella : oh so good!

Ok, this is probably one of the best things to ever have come out of my oven. An accident? very likely!  Nutella and Yogurt, what a powerful combination turns out,  simple and delicious and they were just sitting in my fridge …and I didn’t want them to go bad (not that nutella ever lasts that long in my fridge anyways… does it even go bad? I’ll never find out). I have also been wanting to get back into baking for a while. Making a yeasted bread sounded great. I went browsing for bread recipes that would use yeast and yogurt, to my surprise there were more than a few and one in particular caught my attention:  Yogurt Bread, what a great find! This plus some Nutella has to be awesome, so I got to work. These rolls aren’t hard to make but I do recommend using a stand mixer, I kneaded this though for close to 40 minutes before I was happy with the gluten. I also recommend making the transition from measuring things using spoons and cups to using a scale and hopefully the metric system, I know, it takes some time to get used to the switch, but baking is also about control and the better you can control things the more predictable the results will be. Makes baking a lot less scary 😉 



stand mixer
rolling pin
silicon spatula
loaf tin
pastry brush
resting rack
dough cutter
hot oven 400f



250g bread flour + ~50g (I add extra flour until dough looks good)
35g sugar
80g yogurt
80g water
20g softened unsalted butter
1.5g kosher salt
3g yeast
Nutella Jar: spread to taste really! Room Temperature
1 egg + 20g granulated sugar mixed for the egg wash



01: mise en place, get everything ready before you even start
02: mix all ingredients but butter (you can soften butter in MC at this time)
03: knead for about 10 minutes in stand mixer
04: incorporate butter and knead for another 40 minutes
05: try the window test, if fail, continue kneading in 5 min increments until happy
06: add flour if needed bit by bit, you want the dough to separate from the walls of the bowl eventually, not right away, so wait a couple of minutes between additions
07: remove dough from bowl, grease bowl, return dough and cover with plastic wrap
08: let rise for 1 hour or until double the size
09: remove from bowl, punch air out
10: knead by hand for a few minutes, adding flour if dough still too sticky (you still want it a little sticky)
11: roll into a cylinder
12: cut into 3 pieces, shape these into cylinders
13: roll out dough into oval sheets about 1/4 inch think 4 inches wide 12 inches long
14: spread a layer Nutella over the ovals, Room temperature Nutella is best
15: roll dough as if making a swiss roll (check the video)
16: place these rolls close together in loaf tin
17: let rest for another hour, they should double in size again
18: with a pastry brush apply egg wash over the rolls delicately
19: bake on a pre heated oven at 400f for about 30 minutes
20: remove from oven and let rest for 30 mintues


I hope you enjoy these rolls, and today’s post. I will be baking more often I hope. Until the next time! take care fellow readers!

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  1. I’m not much of a baker, Paul, but a roll with a Nutella swirl sure does sound worth a try. These really do look good! Served warm with a bit of butter and, oh, baby! 🙂

    1. Nutella on anything! thanks John! Baking is fun, relaxing even, I never thought I would get into baking until I tried it once, highly recommend it, and you are so familiar with how flour behaves, apply dry heat and some yeast, maybe some butter, some eggs, and a different kind of magic happens!

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