Huevos Rotos con Puntillitas. Crispy Homemade Bacon.

If you’re from Spain or South America, you’re familiar with this messy egg presentation. I love eggs even raw. And a perfectly cooked egg in my opinion should never brown, should never bubble up, yolk should never set. That’s how I like to cook my eggs most of the time. But sometimes, just sometimes, all the food technique in the world can’t replace the power of childhood food memories. This is what eggs looked like growing up.


My friend Craig provided the homemade bacon. Is his secret recipe so I won’t be bugging him for info but if you want to make your own bacon at home you will need at least 3 ingredients. Pork belly. Salt. Curing salt #1. Follow this link for a pretty easy over roasted homemade bacon recipe sans the smoking step. I don’t have a smoker. Not yet. Will soon. Has to happen.  


So how does one get this messy looking egg right? Hmm… it’s easier said than done but not too tricky and most of you will probably skip this article in search for egg making perfection. This post is about the opposite. And to achieve this mess one must add a generous amount of cooking oil to the pan. I used a small nonstick that fits 2 eggs at room temperature and about a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Do the math if you’re making more eggs and using bigger skillets. Heat the oil to medium, close to medium hot and crack the eggs near your stove and pour the eggs straight into the hot skillet. Oil will spatter so be careful. Allow to cook uncovered until the “puntillitas” show up.


That’s basically saying until the edge starts to brown a bit. Don’t go too crazy here, a little browning is all you need. Remove the pan form the stove. If the yolks are too runny (shake the pan a little bit) you can always cover the skillet and let the steam set the eggs to your liking. Try covering it for about 30 seconds. That still renders creamy yolks that aren’t entirely runny. You’re done.


Oh, one note about the bacon. There are a few ways to cook bacon. Can be grilled, pan fried, pan seared, microwaved (this is a good one btw), boiled then seared, some eat it straight out of the bag like me (bacon is already cooked, like ham). For crispy perfection I deep-fried it. 2-3 Mins at 375F. It’s amazing. Give it a try.

IMG_5073Best breakfast EVER!!!! till next time!  BTW, puntillitas means tiny little spikes. That’s what that browned edge looks like, I swear.

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  1. HI Paul, how are you doing?? This presentation of huevos rotos is different to here in Spain, here it’s usually served over (too oily) chips and with something else. Yours looks better 🙂

    1. Sofia! it’s great to hear back from you! I’m doing well, going crazy at work with little time to work on this blog but still trying. Thank you and so glad you liked the post! I think this post is more about the idea of huevos rotos than it is about the actual plated dish. Even back home I never had crispy bacon when having eggs. Usually pisto, or tomato sauce, or maybe ham with them, but never bacon, that’s an american theme and I love it and happen to have some homemade bacon at hand so decided to make my favourite ingredient combo, eggs and bacon with a spanish twist 🙂 How have you been??

      1. Hey Paul! Yes I can relate to the crazy work and little time to blog. But I do it (also keeping up with my piano) just to make sure to do something else, if you get what I mean… Yes, huevos rotos here usually has some ham or chorizo or something, bacon isn’t very Spanish but I think bacon goes perfect with everything, except for desserts hehe.

        1. bacon ice cream is actually not too bad. But that’s possibly the only dessert bacon application I’ve ever tried 🙂 good to hear your still working on your piano skills!

          1. never had wasabi ice cream. In venezuela, apparently, i’ve never been, but apparently there’s the ice cream shop with the most flavours in the world. Most of them sound pretty gross to me hahahaha

          2. I bet they have some gross ones. OK my wasaba ice cream came with chocolate coulant. Am not sure if it would have tasted so good just on its own.

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