Best Easter Dinner Ever. Boneless Leg of Lamb. Sous vide. 10 hours. 140F.

Boneless Leg of Lamb. Sous vide. 10 hours. 140F |

What about this Boneless Leg of Lamb Easter dinner dish?It’s almost Halloween.

 It’s never too late to post your easter dinner pics! Actually, it is super late to be talking really BUT never too late to be talking about the best thing I ever had for easter dinner ever, oh no. I’m in the middle of a big overhaul operation on this blog, so it is no surprise that my posting capability has been crippled… but I don’t quit, oh no. I bring you a brief but delicious post on eater lamb. No recipe needed. Really, just get yourself a nice and beautiful boneless leg of lamb, between 4-6 pounds. Pierce the meat all over with a paring knife (about 30-40 incisions) to allow any marinade to go in quicker and work its magic. Marinate overnight in garlic, COFFEE, rosemary and salt (about a Tbs of each). Push some marinade into the meat with your fingers. Yeah, remember those incisions? I know… it’s getting a little pornographic at this point but that’s the deal. Antioxidants are important in the curing process….coffee….rosemary….. They can subdue that gamy flavour if you don’t like it AND they are perfect flavour accents. Cook it sous vide as indicated in the title. 140F for 10 hours. Rinse, pat dry with paper towels and sear in very hot oil on all sides until a deep golden glorious crusty heaven emerges. Pair with a minty yogurt sauce. Use whole milk greek yogurt, fresh mint, a touch of garlic paste and a good and generous splash of lemon juice…..and a touch of dill.  You should be in business. 

Boneless Leg of Lamb. Sous vide. 10 hours. 140F


Boneless Leg of Lamb. Sous vide. 10 hours. 140F


happy extremely belated Easter everyone! 


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  1. I can barely keep up with the back to back posts. Looks lovely as usual and sounds delicious.

    note: minty yogurt source? I think you mean sauce 🙂

    1. that was probably the wine talking 😉 hahah, I’ve fixed the error. Thank you for stopping by and for catching that! I’m trying to get all the backlogged posts up on blog when I still have the time.

    1. Stefan! you can see me! I thought I had lost you as a follower which would have been very sad for me. Left you a message the other day. I had some technical difficulties setting up the new host. I agree with you. I too like it a bit more rare. I cooked for a dinner party and had to play it safe. Glad to hear from you!

  2. Hi. Only a year late with this question! I can’t really tell from the photos, but do you roll the lamb before cooking?

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