Sous Vide Salmon with Steamed Rice and Broccoli. 50C 40 mins.

sous vide salmon with steamed rice and broccoli

I don’t cook at lot of fish sous vide. There’s really no good excuse other than maybe with proper technique similar results can be achieved and less gear is involved. But if you really want to experience the true potential of fish, cooking it sous vide renders an absolutely perfect and delicate finish. I’ve probably mentioned […]

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Sous Vide Swordfish Tacos. 54C 30min.

sous vide swordfish tacos. 54C 30min. @

Certain ingredients can be misunderstood, others, I just simply don’t like. Swordfish I basically hated. But it was all nothing but a big misunderstanding.  Understandably so. I still remember the first time somebody grilled swordfish steaks at some party and offered me a piece. It was like eating really densely packed sawdust and pretending to love it. […]

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crispy skin salmon lox and spinach cream

crispy skin salmon lox and spinach

I’ll go over this quickly, because I don’t want to forget how to put this dish together while the experience is still fresh in my head. I will add that salmon prepared this way easily rose to number 1 in my short list of salmon preparations that I love.  Wanna get more sous-vide cooking guides […]

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Deep fried shishamo

Again I go MIA for a few weeks. The usual excuse: work gets in the way of me and the blog. I’ll eventually fix this situation but for now I can only work on my cooking/blogging with some restrictions and many interruptions. The good news: I relocated to LA and now I actually have a kitchen […]

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broiled trout with green beans and cilantro

Broiled trout

I have been working on my blog trying to get as much ready/fixed as I can before I get distracted with paying bills and actual work in a couple of week. I still have to setup the new-post notification for non subscribers and I would love to get a newsletter going. It’s a full time […]

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Tuna Pasta.

tuna pasta

This tuna pasta is one of those recipes that brings back a great deal of good memories. I was making something similar back in high school.  Cheap canned tuna, cheap canned tomatoes sauce and cheap pasta. That’s all we needed (that’s I need today). Back then I was usually tasked with any vacation/camping trip cooking needs…actually would […]

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