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The Things We Cook. This is the title of the book I’m writing about today on my blog. The things We Cook is a beautiful book about food, about life in the kitchen, family and friends, it’s about cooking with the freshest ingredients, it’s all about farm to table, sustainability and it’s also about the experience of being a farmer. Green Hope Farm. A family owned farm in the state of New Hampshire. In its kitchen, Molly Sheehan, the cook, the author and the farm owner, has concocted countless recipes and this book is a compilation of all that hard work and a recount of the wonderful memories . 


I met Sarah Porter on Instagram. She is a member of the TheThingsWeCook team and the one that suggested if I’d be interested in writing about the book on my blog and take a few photos to go with the post. A few emails later and after having read a portion of the book I was hooked and wanted to put together a small photo essay and feature it here. We both got pretty excited, and here we are. It’s funny how it works sometimes.

But back to the main story now. New Hampshire offers some of the best farming grounds in the country (I googled it, I’ll admit it)  I don’t know much about farming, actually I know nothing about farming but I’m pretty sure that without the hard work and dedication of the people, a farm just couldn’t be successful. This love a dedication to farming and cooking shows transparently on the pages of this beautiful book. The book is entirely handwritten and beautifully hand illustrated by Alli Howe. It’s definitely one of a kind.


The recipe I chose it’s simple and beautiful in its simplicity. A sweet and refreshing summer salad featuring cucumber and pineapple. Simple. Good ingredients require little preparation, little manipulation and that’s the case for many other recipes in the book. I love it. Finding good ingredients where I currently live is actually relatively easy. Although I don’t live on a farm …  I daydream about this everyday… I’m really lucky to be able to find fresh organically grown produce where in many markets around the city, and the local butchers and fishmongers in the area are simply great. I’m referring to Vancouver by the way.


Pineapple and Cucumber Salad. It would have never crossed my mind to put the 2 together. It works great and I will be trying a few thing in the future using this pairing… pork comes to mind!,  so thanks Molly! Below I have added the original page form the book with the recipe to give you an idea of the style and presentation.

cucumberAndPineappleSaladPage IMG_9332-2

Thanks Sarah, Molly and Alli for sharing your book and your ideas with me and with that other cooking blog as well.  Sleep tight people!  Good night and have a wonderful weekend!




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  1. It is indeed a combination I’ve never thought of or heard of before. I do like pineapple, so I guess should give this a try. I’m assuming you over-exposed the photos on purpose?

    1. Hi Stefan, yes, i like to overexpose food photography a bit, specially when photographying over white plate and backgrounds, if shooting darker subjects like a roast, i then expose normally or even underexpose a bit

  2. This is indeed beautiful in its simplicity, as are your beautiful photos and the gorgeous illustration from the book. Can’t wait to try this out with some fritters or quesadillas. Lovely photos essay!

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