Buttermilk and Lime Fried Chicken.

Thomas Keller has something to do with this post. Actually, he has everything to do with this post. I didn’t follow his recipe for buttermilk fried chicken which I’ve made once before. I do follow him on twitter tho. I’m a horrible twitter user too. I don’t know how to use that thing or why anyone would find it useful but I post automatically from my WordPress and Instagram  accounts to it and I’ve been getting better exposure for the site lately so yay. So many different social media platforms, it’s getting really really confusing but I shall continue to rig up the blogosphere to my advantage as much as I possibly can with the little knowledge  I have. Ok, so the other day I get a twitter notification just like this one:


I saw my screen flash, took a super quick look and misread the message. Thinking Mr. Keller had favourited one of my photos. You can’t image my excitement. That’s 7 michelin stars hitting that “like” button on one of my tweets. I felt like a million bucks for 5 seconds. I read it again and it was clear Mr. Keller doesn’t know I exist. I’m a total idiot, what can I say. Thing is that as disappointing as this might have been I was reminded of his wonderful buttermilk fried chicken recipe and inspired to make my own this Sunday.  Anyways. That’s how we got here. I have concocted the most delicious and efficient fattener in the world. Buttermilk Fried chicken.



4 chicken thighs, skins on.
5 limes, squeezed. Keep the limes and the juice.
3 Tbsp brown sugar
2 Tbsp kosher salt
1 cup of AP flour + 2 tbs kosher salt
1 cup buttermilk


The brining phase. Make sure everything is super clean. Wash and rinse the limes. In a plastic container juice the limes, add the sugar and the salt, and cold water and stir until salt and sugar dissolve. Add the squeezed limes in there too. Add the thighs and refrigerate overnight. 12 hour at least and no longer than 24.

The drying phase. Remove the thighs from the brine. Discard the brine liquid and the limes. Place the thighs over a wire rack and place the rack over a baking sheet. Refrigerate for a few hours. Don’t need to do this for more than say, 5 hours. At this point the surface of the thighs will be dryer.

The triple dipping phase. Get ready to coat. In one bowl have the flour. In the other have the buttermilk. Flour coating. Buttermilk coating. Flour coating. And now get ready to fry.

The frying phase. Make sure that your deep fryer is ready to go at 375F before you even start the dipping phase. Place thighs in the deep fryer basket. Submerge the basket in the hot oil carefully. And walk away for about 10 mins. Keep checking, you don’t want the coating to get too dark. Mine did but that’s because I was getting my ass kicked at online speed chess.


Horrifying aint it? The lesson might be. Don’t play chess and deep-fry at the same time. Actually don’t play chess and do anything else at the same time period. Same goes for deep-frying.


I gotta go run a marathon. Talk laters.

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  1. I bet if you tweet your blog post to Chef Keller he would favorite your tweet/photo. Your food looks (and sounds) amazing. This chicken sounds like quite the endeavor… the real deal… brining and a triple dip! I bet every bite was worth the 26.2 after. 😉

  2. This may sound strange to an American, but I had never heard of butter milk coated chicken before. I have heard of chicken marinated in buttermilk and then deepfried, but not like this. In this case the acidity of the buttermilk in the marinade is replaced by the acidity of the lime juice. I’ve had very good results drying chicken after dusting it with flour/corn starch.
    P.S. I would have fallen for the same Keller notification, because I have never seen a notification like that before. Although it is unlikely that he’ll like anything by me since one of the most popular posts on my blog clearly states that he’s wrong 😉

    1. Hahaha, oh I remember that post! I’m not american and I’m not from the south either but I have lived in the south of the US for a few years so I’m very familiar with american’s love for fried chicken which I share, I also know that there are a few ways of making it and I agree with you, dipping the ckicken in buttermilk isn’t the most common way but it one of the ways. It flavours the batter and helps it brown quicker. I’ll stand by his recipe for technical and nostalgic reasons 🙂 I love Keller’s cuisine and his cookbooks. I haven’t read his sous vide one, but the ones I’ve read are beautiful cooking documents. Twitter notifications need to stop. I guess that’s up to me and some setting on my phone! 🙂

      1. I know you’re not American — I should have phrased that differently. Although they have rubbed off on you if you like fried chicken so much 😉
        My hunch is that in Keller’s sous-vide book, some lawyers or editors changed the temperatures.

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