Shrimp stir fry : marsala and pancetta

Shrimp stir fry

This shrimp stir fry is very simple to make and delicious. I didn’t want to get the peanut oil out and add some soy sauce, etc… I love asian cuisine but I don’t have peanut oil… and I was feeling like using the ingredients I had at hand. In my previous post about chicken marsala, I mentioned I would try to use the marsala wine in a seafood preparation because it just made sense. This was a pretty good opportunity to test my theory (shows how little I know about italian food). ¬†Shrimp and pork can dance together on a plate beautifully so I added pancetta. Not a lot, just enough and that pancetta provided all the needed fat to cook everything else on this dish. Cooking seafood in pork fat is the bomb. ¬†

Shrimp stir fry


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