the beauty of cooking pasta

the beauty of cooking pasta @ by Paul Palop

The beauty of cooking pasta. I love cooking pasta because of how simple and delicious it is,  even plain noodles are amazing. It really takes no effort to come up with an impressive meal. Throw together a a few ingredients and make a simple sauce. Done. 

the beauty of cooking pasta @ by Paul Palop

The simplicity of making pasta for dinner is undeniable and one of the reasons noodles are such a huge success pretty much everywhere, specially in my kitchen.  

I love the versatility of pasta. 

The other thing I really like about pasta is its versatility. Look through your pantry/fridge, there will hardly be a time when you don’t have what’s necessary to make a delicious pasta sauce. I had some tomatoes, peas and leftover mushroom demiglace, yeah, the one I used for my  explosive-umami pasta recipe a few days ago. A splash of fish sauce, a bit of sesame oil and done.

Taste as you go. 

I won’t even bother with typing up a recipe card because it is that simple. Just cook the tomatoes over medium heat until most of the water is gone. Add some salt. Deglaze the pan if necessary, I used water but wine would have been better. I just didn’t have any. 

the beauty of cooking pasta @ by Paul Palop

Add the peas and the mushroom demiglace and cook for a few minutes. Meanwhile cook your pasta. You can follow this instructions on cooking pasta or just roll the way you usually do.  

Noodles Al Dente please!

Add a splash of fish sauce, some chopped parsley and a good drizzle of sesame oil. I also added hot sauce. Don’t be too concerned with quantities and measurements. Taste as you go and make sure your pasta doesn’t overcook. I think that’s incredibly important. Overcooked noodles have a texture that can be off-putting so let’s not do that.

the beauty of cooking pasta @ by Paul Palop

Finish noodle cooking in the sauce. 

If you want to finish cooking the noodles in the sauce, make sure they aren’t cooked through before hand. You should remove the noodles from the cooking water a minute or two before they are done. Then add them to the sauce and finish cooking there. I personally recommend finishing the noodles in the sauce to bring everything together and have a more cohesive dish but up to you. 

Have any random pasta recipe you’d like to share? 

the beauty of cooking pasta @ by Paul Palop


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