Shrimp Pasta.

One day I will write a post a week like I used to back in the old days but I’ve been busy and lacking writing stamina lately. I moved out of that dodgy hotel room months ago and rented an apartment in San Jose, near “smelly” Milpitas but not too close to the landfill-waste-whatever plant so […]

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The Mighty Hasselback Potato

the mighty hasselback potato

At long last I have been able to fulfill a kitchen dream of mine and today I can offer a post on hasselback potatoes. Now this site starts to look like a real food blog, doesn’t it?  I’ve been seeing these potatoes since I develop that insatiable need for browsing food blogs years ago. I will admit though…  it’s quite a fun […]

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the beauty of cooking pasta

the beauty of cooking pasta @ by Paul Palop

The beauty of cooking pasta. I love cooking pasta because of how simple and delicious it is,  even plain noodles are amazing. It really takes no effort to come up with an impressive meal. Throw together a a few ingredients and make a simple sauce. Done.  The simplicity of making pasta for dinner is undeniable and […]

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Top Sirloin and Galician Canned Octopus

title="Top Sirloin and Galician Canned Octopus |"

  Finished plugging all the social icons I wanted to share and I even spent some time cleaning up my accounts (facebook | twitter |instagram | bloglovin and pinterest!). I have a serious case of OCD these days… I’m sure some will disagree. Just these days? I guess the older I get the worse it becomes. Probably because my memory isn’t as […]

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