smoked spatchcocked gochujang chicken

Another quick and easy spatchcocked chicken recipe on the grill for those of you with gas grills at home that are interested in smoking foods. I did alter a few things from my previous cook and it paid off. First, I  bought a V-shaped smoker box for my Weber grill and I got better performance out of my wood chips. They definitely smoked better. The smoke had that nice light blue hue and the amount was definitely decent. Second, I decided to smoke the chicken at 300F instead of 250F from my previous smoked chicken recipe (basic smoked spatchcocked chicken, see it here!). 

The cold-chicken cold-grill/oven dilemma. 

In both opportunities, I started with a cold grill and a cold chicken from the store. There are pros and cons with this approach from what I’ve noticed over the years.

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smoked spatchcock chicken on a gas grill

I just got into smoking (the cooking kind) and have been smoking foods for nearly 3 months now (since Aug 2017), briskets, round tips, chucks, and chicken. It’s really fun and when I get it right it is incredibly delicious. As time-consuming as it may be (not so much for chicken but definitely for tough meats), very few things in life can taste that good. Earlier I had posted an article on smoked chuck which if you haven’t tried it and you have access to a grill and wanna practice, this is a really fun and delicious way to do it plus it was one of the most delicious meats I’ve ever cooked if I may say so myself. This post is about chicken, more specifically, spatchcocked chicken smoked on a gas grill at home! Check it out. 

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smoked chuck roast on the grill

I’ve spent the whole summer grilling outside. I got this pretty nice Webber Spirit grill about 2 months ago and I haven’t used the stove much. The grill is small, it only has 2 burners but it works really well. Gets super hot and I’ve successfully smoked a ton of different things.  I wish it were a charcoal grill but regulations in LA prohibit its use in apartment complexes.  

 I’ve owned a number of grills in the past but I rarely used them, and rather misused them. Grilling is not an easy technique, especially for a cook that’s used to sous vide cooking. Grilling provides an extremely harsh environment for food. It is extremely inaccurate in terms of heat distribution too. But being able to cook outside without setting off any smoke alarms is awesome. 

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